Mod Suggestion: Backpacks

Hi guys. I was wondering if backpacks :school_satchel: could be implemented in the game. One of the hearthlings important job is to haul things from place to place, but sometimes they just can’t carry enough so they have to go back again and haul it. Just like as quivers are to archers, but instead of giving different projectile effects, it will give a hearthling a much larger inventory space. ( Not sure if this possible but…)

I searched some images of backpacks in Google, here are some examples of what I found:

For Farmers:
The backpack can be made out if straws or something. To carry all that crops they farm. :corn::ear_of_rice:

For Trappers:
For some reason, I really feel that Trappers should have backpacks. Could be made out of fur or leather I guess?

For Workers:
These hardworking people needs some loving too :heart:. Maybe like a leather rucksack or rucksack?

This is my first post :grinning:. I’ve been lurking in the forums for quite some time, but finally decides to join in. I can tell that there’s a lot of talented people here. I hope you guys take notice. Thanks :smile:.


hey there @Stmpnk, welcome to the discourse :smile:

love the suggestion, though personally i would like to see something like this in the base game rather than a mod…

now that i think of it, back in the day when hearthlings first got their “invisible” backpacks* i’m pretty sure the plan was to add upgrades for them, but sadly that never happened… :disappointed:

*(unless i’ve completely lost it, quite a few alphas back hearthlings could only carry one item at a time)


Glad to be here :blush:

Thanks! I also think that backpacks should be like a vanilla feature.

Hmmmm… Invisible Backpacks
(Why didn’t I think of that :laughing:)


Yeah, backpack would be pretty awesome !

Love the idea, but i think the trapper should not have a backpack, he already have some more space when leveling up, Why not beltbags ? It could have less spaces, but stay with the concept of a traper, walking all day long with the less equipment possible.

Beltbags for the soldiers too, so they can take potions when fighting, and bandages if too much wounded.

Well, just created my account to reply so, Hi everybody :smiley:

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I agree this should be implemented into the game, I’ve been hoping this would show up for quite a while. Not so sure about it being a mod, think it would be better to see it in the actual game as @8BitCrab said, but it’d be a nifty addition either way. ^-^


I proposed that like half a year ago, but unfortunately the dev team didn’t care too much about it =(
I hope you’re getting further with this thread than I did.

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hey @Derrias, welcome to the discourse :smile:

also, don’t worry about your english, it’s quite good actually!

oh, really? when the invisible backpacks were first added, and people were talking about upgradeable backpacks, the team seemed to like the idea but just thought there were more important things to work on at the time… :confused:


workers backpack

just a quick edit to the traders outfit backpack, really just removed a couple of pockets from it.

trappers pouch belt

i liked @Derrias’s suggestion for the trapper having pouches on the belt rather than a full blown backpack, so i made a quick addition to the belt.

i’ll probably play around with these some more later, but for now just wanted to get a basic idea for it.


I think giving hearthlings a new equipment slot into which a backpack could be slotted that increases backpack size would probably not be too hard. There may be other implementation factors though.

Making backpacks appear on the hearthling model may be troublesome. They would have to work with every kind of hair and body armor, so they may be even more trouble to get right than helmets/hats were.

Adding more backpack space to the hearthlings would also mean more work for the AI. This leads to more load on the CPU, meaning less stuff in the game at once. Which means people might have to adjust their max item/hearthling settings down.

Of course, they are getting more people working on the game all the time. As optimizations progress, they may be able to add this kind of feature in anyway. I’d certainly like to see more uses for leather in the game!


I think I remember them only being able to carry one thing at a time too. Now they can carry 4 things.
As for modding it, the trapper has a buff that is called “Packing in the loot” or whatever that gives them more “backpack” space. Maybe you could make an item that when equipped provides that buff?


Thanks :blush:. I’m glad you think the same way too.

Sure, why not? I think would feel kind of repetitive if they all wear backpacks :school_satchel: and not having some variety. So belt-bags are really a great idea :smiley:.

I think it’s awesome to see soldiers with belt-bags, but I don’t know if they can self-heal :confused:?
But that would be pretty awesome as well.

Well I’m quite new here too actually, so Hello :smiley:.
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I was kinda thinking of also putting the “Sorry for the bad English…” and “I’m not a native…” :sweat:
Anyway, don’t worry about it :persevere:. We’re on the same boat here :rowboat:.

Wow! I can’t put into words how amazed I am :astonished:.
It’s like I just created this thread Last Post 12 hours then poof models are already made.
Awesome and speedy job @8BitCrab :thumbsup:.

[quote=“8BitCrab, post:7, topic:26551”]
i liked @Derrias’s suggestion for the trapper having pouches on the belt rather than a full blown backpack, so i made a quick addition to the belt.[/quote]
@Derrias’s idea really gives it variety and I really like it :wink:.
Trapper’s pouch looks amazing btw.

Oh please do. I’m always amazed at the models you do here in discourse. You are more than welcome. The models look so amazing and cute :blush::heart_eyes:.

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I didn’t know that there was such dark times for hearthlings :cry:.

Oh I almost forgot that buff. Nice Idea :wink:.

I feel you :cry:, and I’m sorry to hear that.
Don’t worry :persevere:. I too hope that backpacks :school_satchel: or any other form of storage gear will see it through :smile:.

I’m glad to hear that :smiley:.

True. I think a stumbled upon a video or thread that tackles helmet models… Or I think I did… :sweat:

Give more love :heart: to the leather!

I feel, the backpack should be an exclusive upgrade for the workers. They don’t have much upgrades, yet. And they are the ones who haul most of the stuff most of the time.

Modding wise, the backpack could be implemented as part of a new worker outfit that gives the buff @thelegorebel mentioned. Thus, no new slot is required. However, this does not circumvent any clipping issues with other parts of the model @Tuhalu was talking about.


YES ! btw, love your work <3

Well, I don’t see why it shouldn’t work, most outfits looks the same and if soldiers have belts, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.
As for hairs… Well it may be problematic.

It also mean less travelling and pathfinding, more efficient worker and
less hearthling needed for the same work.

Don’t know… workers are the one who haul most of the stuff but Farmers are too.
It won’t be a normal upgrade, more like outfits and equipment, nothing to do with xp.


I going to try and take a look at this next weekend. I’m in agreement with @thelegorebel and @BarbeQ that the simplest way to do this at the moment is likely via an outfit change. I’ll start with a new upgraded workers outfit, and if that works, look into extending it to other classes. I’ll warn everyone, my voxel design skills aren’t great, so I might need some help (looking at you @8BitCrab) coming up with designs.


That really depends on what the hearthlings need to carry and where they need to carry it and how the AI works.

In the best case, a single hearthling will go out and harvest a resource and then be able to gather all of that resource and be able to take it back to the one stockpile it applies to.

In the worst case, you’ll have multiple hearthlings moving in to pick up a random pile of stuff that needs to be sorted into a great number of stockpiles (one for each kind of thing).

In that worst case scenario, the more items you need to deal with on one hearthling, the more complex the decision making looks to the AI. Ideally, the complexity would increase only linearly, making it no worse than if twice as many hearthlings had the same jobs. But if the complexity increases exponentially, having half as many hearthlings do twice as much work each would actually increase the processing time by some factor.

I don’t know how well they’ve been optimizing the AI, so I don’t know which case is closer to the ingame reality right now. I was just putting that out there as a potential issue that they might have to consider when deciding whether or not to do something.


haha, thanks :blush: though i can’t take too much credit, as it was really just a few edits to official game models

i’d be happy to help :smile: :thumbsup:


Hmm … :thinking: … I might have made an entire mod doing that.

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