Equip hearthlings with goods (micromanagment/inventory)

Hello there…
When I am playing the game, I am sending out a scout to see where the needed resources (iron/coal) are… they peek out of some rocks and I´m settling just below that spots… ^^

Now my wish:
The used scout hearthling walks a loooong distance and needs to eat now and then, would be kreead (great with german tongue) to have him equipped with some food.

Maybe equipping automatically equips the hearthling with a bagpack…
…or a new class scout?
…prospecting for shiny things?
…digging for a treasure chest


Edith says: do you remember the game “Cultures” ? I loved that and I think Stonehearth goes in an simmilar direction…


Due to @Tom is mentioning backpacks alot in his streams (sadly I always see them one day later, damn time-shift…) :

What about this idea of mine, actually “manually” filling a hearthlings backpack?

Placing a crate with food outside the world is just a workaround …
Me wants backpacks. :stuck_out_tongue:

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