Hearthlings keep food in their inventory (packed lunches!)

It would be really cool if hearthlings would keep a certain amount of food in their inventory to take with them, kind of like a packed lunch. It’s quite silly that you might have a hearthling working on mine duty and he has to run the entire way back to town to get food, before running back to the mine again to take out only a couple more blocks before he decides it’s time for bed. If your mine is a long way away, it will take him quite a long time to get there and back, meaning he does a lot of walking but not much working!

The only workaround for this at the moment would be to create a little stockpile of food at the mine, but there’s no guarantee it will get stocked because there’s currently no priority system for stockpiles. It means you’d have to limit the amount of food stock in your main townsite just to get food stocked up at the mine.

Even if this were created as an extension of the cook’s function, to create packed lunches, and every hearthling will keep a packed lunch on them and eat it if they’re not within X distance of a food store, restocking on packed lunches every time they return to town.

Thanks for an awesome game, devs! Definitely shaping up to be my favourite of all time.