Better food storage

After playing the game for a while, I’ve noticed that when hearthlings get food from a chest to eat, they need to grab a “stack” out of the chest, set it on the ground, then grab a plate from that stack. This takes a little more time, and means that they have to put the food back in the chest when they are finished eating.

Is there any way hearthlings could get a plate of food directly from a chest, or should I continue leaving food in stockpiles?


That is a very good question.

Until something like that is implemented I would like to post something for your amusement.
I was trying to make a vending machine. :smiley:
vending_machine.qb (356.0 KB)


Yep +1 to a way to store and distribute the food as it is 1 of the 3 basic things you have to keep track ( food per day consumed etc.)