Some storage options

When you get to more than 15 hearthlings or so you start to understand how much food you need for that, and that food takes a lot of space. I literally have fields of food baskets in stockpiles, and it looks really weird and out of place having it just lying on the ground.
So i thought of having some sort of storage options to solve that problem, like chests, crates or even specialised buildings such as a barn or a lumber mill. I think it will help the game be a bit more organised and aesthetically pleasing.

What do you think?

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This has been mentioned before and it’s probably will be added in the next few update
And if you want to hide the mess you can dig in the mountains and put all your items there!

Just added a card for this on our public Trello board.
Please give it a vote if you’re interested!
Our thought is to create what would essentially be an “infinite building of holding” – could be specialized (like an armory or a materials warehouse), or just general storage. But in either case it would hold far more than an individual stockpile of the same size.


love the thought @brad, kinda makes me think of Stronghold Crusader, and the way they had armories, stockpiles, storage buildings, etc. stronghold crusader… now that was a good game…

edit: @brad i dont seem to be able to vote on that card…

Agree about the baskets/crates/etc. but… Why not build a barn or storage area and designate stockpiles.

The circled area is a second basement below the first. Game constraints stopped me from making stone walls no matter what I tried. Dug a massive pit, tried taking the earth walls away and replace and other ways, errors or incomplete walls.

That was the fastest edit I ever saw…

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There was a hiccup somewhere… voting re-enabled.

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hmm… maybe its just me then, because i dont seem to be able to vote on anything :worried:

It’s not just you, but apparently Tom can vote. So that’s nice. :smile:


i beleieve they turned off public voting and its only turned on for Team Radiant…

OK, try it now… permissions should be correct.

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Works fine for me! Thanks.

and work fine for me too! thanks @brad :smile:

Looks like you need this:

Enjoy, and remember to have an ‘outside’ bit for underground walls!

Thanks, looked at it think I can see where I went wrong.


Infinite storage would be babying us too much. Please don’t implement that.

I think the better option would be having barrels or chests that can store several items. Provide options to adequately address the storage problem, but don’t give a blank check.

Storage issues are just another game-play element that the player can have some creativity in solving. Infinite storage would reduce the interesting choices from many, to only one solution because it’s the obvious best to have infinite storage.

But I’ll stop short of a filibuster :grinning:


thats kinda what i was thinking, thats why i remembered Stronghold Crusaders way of doing it.

they had multiple types of buildings that stored a different types of items (food, armor & weapons, building materials, etc.) however each of those could carry a limited amount (but still lots) of stuff, meaning you had to build more of them the bigger your castle got.

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