Yep, Storage is an issue

Ha, most of what my camp is made up of :stuck_out_tongue:


Hopefully we can get some crates or chest, they would help out alot.


I am mostly looking forward to the vendor caravans so I can sell off things I have in excess. I think another big thing that will help is adding more ‘recipes’ for the ‘crafter’ hearthlings so things that we might not use frequently not (skins) will be used more in the future.

I do think that crates/chests will help as well, but I think the vendor is a way that can help before those features are implemented.


just make them piled up

I dunno if I would say that the storage is the issue here…

Looking at your screenshot, I am curious to know how many buildings you have built and how many hearthlings you have. You have a massive amount of food, which indicates more that there is far too much food production as it stands, and I can back that up because you can essentially run twenty odd hearthlings off of 6-10 berry bushes. You also have a ton of stone, which I have never had in my games cause I tend to use it up as fast as I can get it! Id say food production needs to be looked at, especially if the devs plan on capping the amount of hearthlings we can have at somepoint.

But, yes, I would like some kind of storage system. Personally I would rather have it be a building thing than an item mechanic though. One of the things the game lacks is any incentive to actually build a building, so allowing us to make special storage buildings or ‘rooms’ within buildings to store things would be much more awesome than just spamming out crates and barrels.

The caravan will also make a large portion of the current storage issue a moot point. I tend to get full of animal pelts, because my lone weaver cant work through them fast enough and they only get used in one or two items. That would be the kind of thing you would sell to the caravan and such in large amounts, as well as things like the mass of metal bars in that screenshot.

Soo, TL:DR; Give us storage buildings, food is too abundant, caravan solves world peace issues.

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I limit my farms to 6x6 area for the 3 types of food, that makes enough to feed the “stable” count of 14-16 Hearthlings for my worlds (anymore and crash will happen soon) also limits the new folks wanting to join in the daily report

Yeah, currently food is really a super low priority from a gameplay perspective. I tend to just use berries for the entire game, just because they are so abundant. When I do farm, I tend to do max size 19x19 plots, just because a tiny little square doesn’t feel like a field to me. Which usually means I have food coming out of my eyeballs.

I tend not to rely on berries, as I am never near them. 2(16x3) for corn an pumpkin, then a trapper.

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Yes chest and containers and item/weapon racks are coming

and they know storage needs work.

This is true. I tend to over do it in the beginning because it takes so long to ramp up to where you have enough food. By then, you have too many beds of food, so I could really just destroy most of it.

I have so much stone so I can get ORE to make weapons and armor. Even with all that stone, I still barely have enough iron ore to be able to give all my footmen high end armor and a shield.

Later on when I can get saves late in game, I can build more with a lot of that stone.

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you don’t have to accept every person that asks to join…

I know, but don’t have to feel bad about not accepting them :wink: