Food out of chest for food and now other things

okay i have a question i have a starving pet and all my food is in storage (chest) how the heck do i get it out of there my pet is starving and i know that when it dies all my f---- people will be sad meansss… HELPPPP!

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pls i really need to know that
answer when you see this and know how

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You have to make a stockpile that holds raw fruit and veggies (Apple icon), and raw meats and cooking ingredients. It will be food for pets that are herbivores or carnivores. Then, you have to go to all your storage chests with food inside, and uncheck them for storing food, so the Hearthlings will fill up the new stockpile. After it is full, you can recheck the chests to hold food again. You can put a fence and gate around this stockpile to protect it from Thieves, it doesn’t have to be a huge size stockpile either.

You have to do this every couple days to keep food out for your pets, and also plan out where everything will be. If you have the stockpile near your farms and trap zones that is good. Then keep your eating area with cooked food further away from the pet food area, so Hearthlings will not eat the pet food as much.

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ummm make it a bit simpler…

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wait you mean make a chest whit only food and the others not right?

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Here’s a pic that shows my pet food stockpile area, its away from the dining area, and in between my farms and trap zones, so it can hopefully get filled from those areas before the food goes into storage chests which are further away.

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man your a lot better heres a screenshot of my village (yes i use debug tools for chests and beds)

the chest next to my carpender bench where the guy stands on is my food chest… and by the way the way i did from understading your thingy is like that and it works


means thanks for the help

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The current unstable and next stable version of ACE adds pet actions for finding food in chests so you won’t need to do a separate storage area for their food.


LightAndDarkKlumpi, your beds need to have access from at least one side for a Hearthling to enter it to sleep. They will not enter it from the bed head and foot narrow side, so in that building many beds are not useable :disappointed_relieved:

Paulthegreat, looking forward to the Pets being able to pull food from storage chests! :jubilant:


noice but can you “photoshop” to say what bed needs to be removed or moved

does it work now

I mean … you should see for yourself if they go to sleep or not, Right? :smiley:

This means, you do the following : Bed → 1 Block free Space → Bed → 1 Block free Space → Bed → And so on, and so on. So your Hearthlings have a path between the beds.

ey i can make my appeal a bit high


it was whit debug tools (and gave me 30k net worth…)

You can place 2 beds right beside each other at most, and they need each side open by at least one block of space, like in my picture. If you put the long side of the bed against a wall, the other side has to be open by at least one block also.

Oh, with ACE patch 0.9.2, Pets are now able to grab food out of storage chests, so the previous setup isn’t needed, unless you don’t use the ACE mod.

oooooooooooo thanks basicly have one space on one side that the bed works right?

wow it worked and now my people are this happy


everyone has max morale xD

the problems were sleeping (gone because of this post) and food but i have a cook now ;D