The problem with pets

I love this game, but there’s one strange and really sad thing. Pet owners never take care of their pets. Just a cpuple of minutes ago I found my fox dying because of starvation. Several ours ago my rabbit died the same way. So I think it would be a good idea to make pet owners feed their pets. If there’s any way to save pet’s from the death of starvation, please write it below. Now it seems like a big problem that makes me really sad. Don’t suggest me to make stockpile zone with food – hearthlings eat all the meat in my village before the fox. Moreover, the piles of food on the ground look really bad.

Idk, if an owner don’t take care of his pet, why he is promoted as “owner” at all?


OMG my pet just died because of it too! I started new game, spent maybe an hour there and POOF one of my villagers is upsed because he lost his pet! I did not even see it… And I had food on the ground! This is sooooo annoying and frustrating :frowning: Why don’t they care about pets at all?

It’s no lie. Pets are poorly implemented. I have been crying to let them forage from wild flora for ages.

Well, for me I have to use a stockpile to feed them, and it takes some management. It is further away from my chests containing food, which have to be near the chairs and dining tables, so the Hearthlings take their meals from the chests. It is a stockpile of raw food, and raw meat close to the trapping area. If its stock gets low, I have to cancel out the other chests that are storing more raw food and meat, so Hearthlings bring it to the stockpile. After that I let those chests hold food again.


I’ve mentioned it in other threads, but I reckon pets should be able to just take food from nearby storages. Most of the pets are animals which are “smart” enough to do this anyway (foxes, raccoons, squirrels, etc. are all known for pillaging food stores, and anyone who has owned a cat or dog will have a story of the time they broke into the bags of food which were supposed to be safely out of reach…)

With that in place we wouldn’t have to worry about pets going hungry, and we could even use the input bins as feed troughs for them! :merry:


I like to construct a building to function as a storehouse, with shelves inside it, these shelves are actual blocks though, but anyway, on each shelf i place a stockpile zone just for food, the hearthlings then go into the storehouse to pick up food from the shelves rather than the ground and the pets can also eat from that kind of stockpile - also saves me the trouble of hauling the food back into chests after each citizen takes 1 full block of food out before taking only a meal from that block and leaving the block on the ground.

Might take up slightly more space, but it feels better than knowing 64 meals are lying around inside a tiny stone chest.


Is a mod that prevents pets from starving to death something that can be done?

the pets eat jerky and veggies by them selves.