Pets dying due lack of food

Got a few hearthling pets dying of starvation due lack of food. My town have plenty of raw and cooked food, but all of it is inside chests and boxes. Domesticated animals can’t access the chests with food, only food left in the ground, although hearthlings don’t do that often, neither feed them.

Should them be able to access the chest? Maybe the crafter/mason could build a feeder?


Yes, or let them forage from bushes and the like. This is much needed.

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I came to add to this report, my pets are also dying from hunger.

There is food available and outside of any chests, it seems to start late in the game (after the first weeks) when other usually related AI/idleness issues starts to arise as well.

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I have a stockpile before my chests for cooked foods that allows about 9 pieces of cooked food to be stored there, more if I have more pets…so this is filled up at all times. It’s the only way I’ve found to solve the issue but still some don’t go to where the food is.

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Agreed, foraging would be perfect.

It balances itself. Fewer pets early on, higher Hearthling demand for berries, so lower competition for them. More end-game pets, lower Hearthling need for berries. Fence off the garden for cake ingredients, leave the bushes at the center of town free for forage.

Meat-eaters can go chomp on ambient squirrels, or we can leave jerky in supply bowls that they can access, so owners can feed their housepets.