Supply Box for Pets (for Food)

With A23 and the new supply boxes, I thought it would be a great addition to add some sort of supply food bowl for pets. Right now pets can’t eat stuff that is in a container and starve if you don’t put some food in a stockpile. The problem - if you put the stockpile to close, the chance is high that a Hearthling will eat the food and the pet will stay hungry.

We need some sort of food bowl that works like a supply box and will be restocked with food by the Hearthlings, but from which only pets can take and eat the food.

Also, I noticed that I didn’t get a notification when a pet is starving. I stumbled over one with very little health left just by pure luck and sent my sage to save it. I thought goblins had slain two of my pets before I saw that they were instead starving right in front of their best friend.