Village pets won't eat out of crates

My pet foxes and racoons doesn’t seem to be able to eat out of creates. They keep wandering around with the little hungry symbol. They’ll approach the create then wander away.

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this is definitely a problem, hopefully in the future we’ll get “pet bowls” or something so we won’t have to worry about it.

however, as a workaround for now you could always make a small stockpile for food that they can eat from.

hope this helps :slight_smile:


Pet bowls would be awesome! Especially if you could make “fancy” ones.


This could easily be implemented with Shepard feature I would think


Hmm. How about a cratch or a trough, where the shephard puts the food in?


i feel like that would fit better for the shepherds animals more than the trappers pets, thinking of which, perhaps there should be “pet feed” that the trapper can place down similar to how the shepherd has animal feeds.


I feel like a “community food bowl” would be a pretty decent feature.

Make it a general task that any hearthling can do, maybe make the pets ‘ping’ a request for food, any hearthling available can pick up that task and go get food and put in the food bowl.


That’s what I ment, in addition to the pet bowls, which were suggested earlier. Should have been more detailed in my post, I guess. Different feeder for different animals.

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+1 for me, having a sort of pet feeder could be loaded with one or 2 items of food by a Hearthling would be a nice idea.
it could be loaded with a basket of food that would last longer


Or maybe have feeding the pets be in the daily routine of the trapper specifically; after he has had lunch for example.

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Well i sure dont let my pet eat out of the box. :wink:

A foodbowl is a good idea yea.