Animal feed for pets

well first of all i think with the shepard (idk how to spell it) there shoudl be a option of pets so your pets dont just randomly walk around or at least a new item like a collar to put on them

Second they should make more feeds cuz my pets are hungry and i have to use debug to get them food cuz the meat is always in crates

Also a Rename feature that would be fun xD


You could just make a small stockpile with food on it for the pets to eat from and put it outside for the pets.

You can rename pets! Click on the pet, then open up the character sheet by clicking on the image of the pet in the lower left corner of the screen. That brings up the Pet Info panel, where you can click on the name and type in whatever you want.

I don’t know about feed, but it would definitely be nice to have collars for the pets to tell the difference between them and random wild animals. As it is, I can only tell that an animal is a pet if it happens to be hungry or sleeping. It would also be nice to have all current pets listed somewhere like the bottom of the Citizens panel so I can see at a glance what pets have been tamed and locate them more easily.


The problem he/she was having was that pets cannot eat from crates… so if you didnt have an open stockpile your pets would starve to death… perhaps allowing the hearthlings themselves to feed hungry pets would work?

or maybe a pet bowl craftable item that would be refilled by hearthlings and used by the pets to feed themselves so that hearthlings dont have to feed each pet individually.


There’s a stream where Stephanie worked on a little animal feeder station so perhaps it is in the works.


What if the trapper feeds the pets after he has had lunch.

thanks for the info :smiley: