Pet Food Bowls - Think of the bunnies!

So I’ve noticed that pets can’t eat food that’s stored in containers, but can eat food that’s either dropped by hearthlings or food that’s stored on the ground. Thus I suggest that instead of us having that 1x1 storage square for them to eat, instead they get their own food bowl that can be crafted either by the wood or stonesmiths.


yeah I noticed that when my crops were ready to harvest. My bunny rushed over to grab a bite to eat. Not sure what happened to my first fox. Might be still around due to harvesting, but I did notice them eat at least the stuff not in a container.

I would love to a food bowl that would act as a trough for the pet. Maybe even have one for the shepherd animals as well. A trough made of wood or stone or clay. :slightly_smiling: