Possible Backpack Item for workers and crafters

So I’ve been discussing potential idea’s for the games improvement as i’m sure many people have already, unsure of whether it was suggested but i saw a neat mod that doubles the carry capacity of the hearthlings.

I really enjoying thinking of ways it could be realistically added in (Realistic to the hearthlings that is :wink: ). Would a weaver crafted Backpack that crafters and workers alike could equip. Possibly a basic one that could improve the carry capacity by 3, then 5 when using gold flakes and the like.

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Nope, this used to be a thing (there was a trait that increased carry capacity) but Radiant removed it for performance reasons. It’s unlikely to resurface in a performant way.

Edit: it should be noted that crafters can carry unlimited ingredients (for the order they’re working on) in their special crafter backpack, so larger backpacks would just be for hauling lots of things.

Was this very long ago?

It might be a chance to bring that back after all lots of optimization issues have been fixed since then i Imagine.

I’m pretty sure it was within the past year. The biggest performance issues people have these days seem to be related to inventory, so it’s possible adding flexible backpack size that requires more dynamic checks to determine space (and whatever other reasons they ditched it in the first place) could just make that worse.

That said, I do have an idea for a backpack item that although it wouldn’t increase the individual carry capacity of a hearthling, it would simulate the ability of “better organize” and more “comfortably move” things you’re carrying by making hauling itself faster/more efficient. Might or might not work, we’ll see :smiley:


Sounds great!