[suggestion] New craftable item for weaver: The satchel

Simple concept: small cloth satchel worn by any Hearthling no matter their class that allows them to carry one day’s worth of food at all times. If a hearthling is more than a certain distance from a food stockpile at the time hunger strikes, this will allow them to eat even if they’re off mining somewhere or working any task requiring them to be far from home.

EDIT: Change of opinion. Make it a rucksack that carries 1 day of food and a portable cot. Obviously the cot should not be as nice for the Hearthlings as a comfy bed, but at least better than sleeping on the ground.


that… is a very clever idea…would be interesting so see something like this implemented! :+1:

I second this; super useful and not against the idea of SH…

I think I made a similar suggestion previously…although, my concept focused more on soldiers out in the field rather than all units in general. Regardless, it’s still something I’d like to see in the future for long-distance travelling and resource gathering.

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