Sleeping Bag Recipe for tailor

How about a Sleeping bag item to give to Hearthlings? Especially when they are away from the settlement and exploring or to have them use it in case they don’t make it to a bed?

Same game as when the tailor makes clothing and they auto grab it only have it on their person when they need it. Obviously not as good as a mean bed but in a pinch it will keep them worm when they are on the road so to speak.


The only problem is we have no inventory for Hearthlings yet. Notice how they only transport blocks with their hands and not in a bag or something. It’s because they have no inventory. I like the idea though.


In a sense we kinda already have a invisible inventory. I know in the Trapper lvling they get extra storage capacity for gathering more pelt n such. I don’t think it would be that hard for them to expand it to all hearthling but itemize it to emergency goods that they can utilize.

From what I am gathering the Stonehearth world is going to explode in size. To the point that certain excursions are more then certain to take more than 24hrs game time, which is going to interfere with the built in timed events (sleeping and Eating). I think its the next step that’s coming (might be wrong but it just seems it’s going that way), It wouldn’t surprise me if we need to outfit them to carry food to eat/change of clothes for when they go into colder areas or warmer/wood to build a fire or make a ladder if they get stuck and Sleeping bags :slight_smile:

And thx :slight_smile:


I like the idea. Maybe there could be a backpack that you could equip later in the game (also a tailor recipe), that would include this sleeping bag, some rations, and a torch or two for expeditions away from the settlement.


I have been thinking this for a while perhaps a bed roll/sleeping bag should be early game and hearthlings would sleep by the Fire pit while the village is starting I think beds should be slightly later game rather than immediately craft able


I really like the idea. My Miners end up sleeping in the mine a lot. I don’t know that the game world will expand that much in size, because I don’t think the AI/agent system can handle that many more units :confused:

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One thing I think some are forgetting is (I think) there will be 3 major races? and corresponding Kingdoms to go with it and I don’t see 3 Kingdoms fitting on the current map (granted all these things can/will probably change). Not to mention we may still get a MP feature of some type once it reaches Beta (hoping it is still a go).

Goblin settlements/ The Bunny kingdom/ Dwarves Kingdom/ The Hearthling (can’t remember the actual name they used) kingdom/ Roaming monsters/ Titans etc,. we are going to run out of room rather quickly on this map size.

So far with every new update the AI has been getting increasingly stronger and more reliable (lets hope this continues :)) but I agree the one thing right now that is still a bit weak is the AI manager.

So yes Sleeping Bags for all!! I like all the ideas. Lol we need a mayor for our settlement and they need to promise Food/ Water/ Shelter/ and a job for every Hearthling! and Sleeping bag’s!!! for those cold nights without beds :stuck_out_tongue: ( I think I need to be apart of that Hearthling Union :)).

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