Transporting items mod: Request

I was wondering if anyone was still working on this type of mod? I’m currently trying to do an interesting thing with my game where I make each individual hearthling secluded and self-sufficient excluding the ability to trade stuff between hearthlings. But anything that’s done within a specifically designated area is done by that single individual hearthling. The problem is to do this you basically need to wall in the hearthling to keep them from escaping. But obviously therein lies the problem. They don’t have access to anything outside of that designated space. I’m giving each hearthling a working space of about 16x16-20-20 depending on where i’m placing them to make space for farming and water, space to put the different crafting stations when needed. Shared storage on a 2x2xw/e needed length lol wall that’s just tall enough to keep them from getting out but short enough to access the shared storage between spaces. But in the instance where one hearthling doesn’t have sufficient water for instance to farm crops fast enough I’d need to send crops from one hearthling to another. Or maybe I need a specific tool that I don’t have enough to share enough as the carpenters saw, They need to be able to send that tool from the hearthling that does have it to the hearthling that doesn’t. Currently, i’m thinking of just having a single storage chest made for tools and manually moving it from hearthling to hearthling little by little until it reaches the right hearthling but that’s an awful lot of work lol.

So I was wondering if anyone was working on a transportation mod using railings and stuff?

ambitious, you are.


A long time ago, Underwater Pogo for Kids might would have been a possible solution.

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@Moai was doing it using my old minecart mod. Last time we talked he had a working prototype, just needing a little polish

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Yes i do recall talking to you a while back about it. But I thought it had been tabled permanently? Could have been mistaken. Definitely looking forward to you releasing it if it’s nearing it’s release stage.

I only had them as decoration. Moai is the one putting it to work

Zulser sadly worked only for a very limited time until it somehow broke, and I never got around to fix it/never had anyone tell me what exactly went wrong.

It was abusing the pathfinding system quite a lot though, so I’m not sure how well it would scale.

I am indeed still working on the Minecart mod. I can’t release any information about it right now, because a personal quirk makes it less likely that I will complete something the more I brag about it. Keep checking back to the forums, and eventually it will see light.