Transportation or "trade" IDEA mod

Hi! First of all sorry for my english I’ll try to do my best :slight_smile:

The idea behind this mod is to implement or create a new system to transport or move a big quantity of items in a medium or large distance. It came when @Wharp , @Kittyodoom and me were discusing about it. I would like also that @stonemonkey help us on it if she/he wants.

Well let’s go deeper. The main thing is to create a new carriable item like an “outbox” where you can stock an amount of resources, items,… And can be carried by an animal for example. Using the path system (like the hearthlings do) you can trace a rute with the initial position (carrying) and the final one (emptying). At the begining we though about Yaks from the cafe mod, but maybe we can go further and add horses or even donkeys. This idea of mod allows you to have big villages or even multiple little cities where you can share the resources easly in a long distances.

In order to make it cool, wetough that you can do your own roads, maybe with little signposts (@stonemonkey) or just with a new type of terrain that they should follow (@Kittyodoom). I think it was the main idea but maybe I forget something.

We think it’s a good point of start to smething new because you would be able to use the full map and that means all the resources of the world. And maybe, if the game developes in the multiplayer part you can use it to trade or too expand your empire!

Of course it’s just something that should be discussed and improved as well. We hope you like the idea and we can see it for real one day :smiley:


This is all great stuff and, I expect, rather easy to Implement. That being said, I’m sorta busy atm with school and another project so I don’t think I can step up to the plate for coding right away. :frowning:


Don’t worry @Wharp ! Sadly I don’t have enough knowledge to do it so if someone wants to join just say it. And of course if something is going on and you want to help at anytime just come, you’re welcome :slight_smile:


Totally! If this is still in progress when I have time, I’m so in. :100:

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This is a great idea. Trade and transport really needs some help in the game. I love @BrunoSupremo 's Minecart and rails mod. It would be fun to see that in the game as a real transport item.