Suggestion: Horses + Carriages (For transporting resources)

Hi guys, so I’d thought id contribute to this thread as i am new to this forum :smile:

One idea that i have thought of is the introduction of Horse and carriages as a way to transport more than one resource at once (E.g instead of 1 worker carrying 1 resource, 1 horse and carriage to transport 4 resources). you could also create a horse stable for a place to feed and rest the horses to maintain enough stamina to transport goods and if they do run out of stamina then the horse sleeps for half a day. :smile:
could i also make the suggestion to include paths around the village,
I haven’t been playing the game long so I’m unsure whether the game already includes these features

Thanks :smiley:

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Here’s a few other posts that also asked about transportation (sometimes more focused on item moving):

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A few other threads have mentioned the community’s desire for wagons and transportation of people–hope this helps!


I’d love to see horses in general, being able to be pet(ted) by the hunter, and then turned into horses for caravans, cariages, and warriors
wouldn’t it be awesome to launch a huge stampeed against those annoying gobs? ^^

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Horse & carriages could be used to potentially make goblins that much more annoying too. (which, by the way would be an awesomely good thing!)
Because if improperly guarded, the goblins may be able to ‘snatch’ them enroute. Like, supplies from another village of yours, or just transportation of goods from a distant mining expedition… And suddenly the goblins have just stolen and hoarded all of your incoming goods stored in said carriage, as well as the carriage itself! (Upon which a swift vengeance shall sweep across the goblin lands as they are taught a harsh lesson!)

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Not to mention the Kobolds on wolvers that will get to your kingdom if it’s improperly guarded, but intstead will just massacre your village