Wagon/cart/mounts transport items?

I just wonder if the item can be transport on some like cart to move with the animal like a horse. That they would carry materials, equips, live stock animals. Is it possible? As well the ships?


I would way dig being able to give people carts that they could load up and then transport to a stockpile, so, maybe it could hold 9 blocks instead of them hauling one at a time.



Having the animal tamer tame some ox would be cool for this!


On a related note…

It’s probably possible. The real question is how much of a pain it will be to implement.


I submitted this question to the Twonk Hammer people for their interview with Radiant today. So, maybe it’ll get answered. :wink:

I’d also definitely like to see mounts and carts and pack animals and such; a great way to grow the capability of your civ to move around and gather resources.


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I see, would be nice for event triggers for raid when transporting some items. But depend how much the code works I guess.

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So it has been a while since this topic has come up but now that the game is progressing more I see some good use in having the ability to have carts or a wheelbarrow to more efficiently carry resources back to stock piles. When Mining is implemented it could be used to haul stone out of the mines! Also it would help with the problem of one villager gathering resources that are far away from the town and not have to go back and forth, which eventually leads to the resources just sitting far away and you needing them.
And this just came to me but eventually ways to more effectively transporting stones and minerals from mines would be mine carts and maybe a pulley system of some kind to get from level to level?