Please make a wagon pulled by horses or ox that serves as storgage

the hearthlings are too slow in picking things up and we need a sufficient way of carrying a whole lot of resource from one place to another i am not saying the bagpack and chest are not good but i think theres a better way i would like to suggest a moving storage An Ox Cart the hearthlings can interact with these ox carts by putting resources into them while there picking things up of course such tech would be unlocked not in the early stages of the game i think mid or late game should be sufficient the crafters that would unlocked this tech would obviously be the carpenter(wagon and wheel) , the sheperd (ox) and lastly the blacksmith (upgraded wheels) with this ox cart it will make the map more tidier since the hearthling will priotize in filling it up if they are far away from the store piles making the process of the gathering resources much more sufficient and makes the map just look tidier faster once the ox cart is filled to the brime they will automaticly move back to the storepiles and be unloaded by a hearthling i know this will take alot of programing and animations but i hope it can be achive in the later stages of the game.

Pls Make My Dream Come True. also to those that i killed there eyes with caps i trully apologize and i editted the post with more details of my idea on the ox cart if i have miss spelled and made you confused i would like to say sorry again english isnt my mother tongue hope you understand


I second this. You could assign its contents like a crate. And when you click the Move button, it just moves to the new location under its own power.

Good idea. +1.

It could also be used for taking things across long distances and travelling merchants.

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A bit off topic, sorry, but question, abuse of capitals isn’t considered as aggressive on social networks?


It is. My eyes are burning. But it was such a good idea, I decided to overlook the caps. :wink:


It is an interesting concept… An introduction of domesticated animals (maybe through the Shepard or later game equivalent) that gives workers access to oxen horses, cows etc. It also allows for a more complex carpenter crafting for a wheelbarrow, cart, etc.

Eventually the Shepard will be upgrade able to a rancher, who will be able to take care of larger animals.

Neither of those will likely be in the final game. Stonehearth is going for yaks instead of cows, and horses will most likely be replaced by something else, as Tom mentioned in a stream. Sorry, if that’s a bit off topic, but I’m a proud supporter of the Anti-generic animals association!


well as i said forgive me for using capitals but i just love using it

If this is for mounted animals for the hearthlings to ride, can I put my vote in now for saddled, speedy sheep? The footman varient can have battle armour (made by the blacksmith)

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PEOPLE!!! What is this blasphemous talk of wagons pulled by oxen or horses, I’ve approached this question before (I believe) the only wagons we’re getting are yak pulled wagons


So If I follow your logic, I can’t punch you into the stomach IF I love doing this and IF I ask you to forgive me afterwards, that’s it?

Anyway, back on topic and despite some kind of wagons is already planed (mainly to speed traffic on roads) the idea of some kind of itinerant headquarter with ability to stock things is quite useless because:

  • If you choose carefully a location at start it’s not to go to the other side of the map 3 minutes later
  • when you city grows, you can put stockpiles where you want
  • crates are movable so convenient in case of urgent need

Of course if you do the error of centralizing all your stuff in a single tiny zone, you may create long travels for your hearthlings.

Now the question is: what is most desirable? Letting the player think and find a good organization by himself or ask the devs to deploy a feature to help the player to avoid thinking and organize in a good way his city?
I’m wondering… :wink:

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If you move a crate that has something in it, the contents follow it?

So it already does what is being asked, just without the neat flavor of a wagon?

Yep and hopfully! Else would be pretty annoying… :cold_sweat:

huh sorry ! damn people have many views on my suggestion lets just say any animal pulling a cart i just want it implemented it would be so nice to have it


It’s a joke about my obsession about yaks, it’s been on for quite a while, how everything should be done by yaks, if it came off too harshly sorry

no problem dude and plsu i aint talking about ure views its just that people have problems with me using caps like cant a guy/women do wat he likes i aint doing a big crime for doing caps ! sorry out of topic there but thx on ure views

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