Pack animal to gather some resources

Hello, guys.
So, I was thinking in what the game should have.
Do you guys already played age of mythology with nordic ones? So, they have a unit called “Ox Cart” and, like the name, its a Ox cart that gather resources and add it to your stockpile.
You see yours hearthlings taking some resources and carrying them to your stockpile.
My idea is: A animal pack / animal cart that gather a “X” resouces and carry them to stockpile.
What do you guys think?


I was thinking the same thing!!! although your Ox Cart idea is good :smiley: i was thinking horse and cart but that might be to much animation and coding :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking of making a mod for this but might be a little to much work for a massive amateur like myself :smiley:

There are sheep already in the game… How about a sheep cart?

Yes, I’d be highly interested in pack animals at some point. If a cart is too much of a problem then just saddle bags or something might be easier. Either way, a hearthling leading a pack animal would basically have a bigger ‘backpack’ and could carry more in one trip.


+1. This was going to be my suggestion too. I’d prefer it if the Carpenter could make the cart, and maybe the Shepherd hooks it up to a sheep and drives it out. Ideally, it’d do this automatically in response to loot requests that are further than X distance away from viable storage (stockpiles/boxes).

If no cart is available, it could either fall back to carrying out a spare box or ignoring the loot commands and throwing up a warning flag to inform the player that the distance is too far to haul loot in backpacks, and that they should craft spare boxes or a sheep cart.

Trappers of Rayya’s children could tame monkeys and dispatch them to collect the stuff.