Railways and carts

You want your people to move faster? you want your goods to move faster? build a railroad!
P.S In this feedback were not mistreated animals or plants.

You are a genius. Your idea is fantastic

I don’t think this should be in the vanilla-game as it’s more like in the medieval times, not the industrial age :wink:

Would love to have some Pack-Horses/Mules and Carts for the hearthlings to move around more resources with maybe slower but more at each time. Perhaps the carts will be used for moving crates filled with items ect :slight_smile:


Maybe not minecarts. But wooden carts would be great:


That I can agree on :slight_smile:

This is where the horse idea comes in :smiley: ;)))))))

Not sure they had autoaim turrets in medieval times either. Ever since I made an engineer and seen how few of items he can make, I thought he needed to be able to make some type of faster item movement. My first thought was a wheelbarrel, but Hearthlings can already move full chests at once. You can already place a chest down, get them to put everything around it inside, then move it back to town to unload it. So haven’t really come up with a fitting idea of how the engineer might make something better.

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Here is a link to a post I made about transportation. Feel free to look it over

I’d like to see hand carts introduced if there is ever a temporary stockpile system introduced. Having small stockpiles that crafters would use at their workshops, which normal workers then try and keep clear by putting the items into normal stockpiles would give the game a much better work flow.

Little people pushing hand carts to move goods is a staple of city builder games, it’d be a shame if we never saw it in Stonehearth!

I don’t meant trains cars ecc. but mine cart. I’m italian and I don’t speak english very well and so I don’t express myself well. (sometimes I use google translate but it isn’t perfect).

No problem, I understood mine cart right from the start (that’s why I said mine cart in my post). :slight_smile:

I was just playing again for the first time in a couple months and I thought "it’d be neat if the carpenters hut and blacksmiths home came with a cart as part of the structure that they will take with them to stockpiles, load up with goodies, then take them back home to use as their personal stockpile. Even take it a little further and unload them into crates and go back for another trip for when you have a whole bunch of stuff queued to build.