More animals and customisation

Loving Stonehearth by the way, would really love some more animals or transport like horses and a mine cart so you can transport stuff more quickly and patrols could ride horses for speed.
Also, what about villager outfit customisation so your villages could all wear the same style outfits?
Obviously would still love more furniture and personal belongings so you could actually have items in the dresser etc
Keep up the good work!!


First of all. Welcome to Discourse, I hope you will get all the help you need in here, and more than that.

and second. Having footmen using horses would be cool, but I think it would overpower them a little. So a new class using horses could be nice. The minecart is a really nice idea, though it would need some sort of rails or roads to go onto. These rails would have to be made by a completely new job class, or the engineer(would get way too much work then, unless the production of rails is fast and cheap).
Thx for reading :smile:

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Hello! Yes I’m thinking something like how you place fences is how you would place the rail.
And I agree, footmen on horses maybe a bit much but would be nice to have some animal attack as the goblin people get wolves (so it’s only fair lol)

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Awesome suggestions! One of the really annoying parts in SH, is the hauling time and the effect it has on the gameflow. These rails would be a great way to ease that load! And i dont know why this would not fit the engineer @Simon_Noval? If the workload on a certain class gets to big, its time to hire another heartling right? :slight_smile:
Horses and other animals would be a great addition to the game…Goats… Im sure the SH team is on board with that, but there are to few hours per day it seems? Maybe they need to hire some more heartlings… :smiley:

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Didn’t really think of that. it’s just that i hate having more than one at a job, and then there is nothing for them to do in periods. But I guess you’r right.
Thx for reading :smile:

P.S. Great to see another Dane in here :yum:

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Or the goblins could ride the wolves too :jubilant: