Stonehearth Ideas

Hi, im Milan and if got some good ideas for the game!
If the ideas are in strong text they are already in the game!

  • New animals:
    ( On the horses can ride a Horse Rider maybe a cool new job ),
    (With cows i had a idea to maybe that the blacksmith can make a Iron Bucket and the Herbalist is gonna equip that and than if you click on the cow you have i milk button and the cook can make cheese with it! ).

  • New jobs:
    Horse rider ( Said it in New Animals )
    Fisherman ( This guy can fish but the carpenter need to make a fishing rod first, if the fisherman is gonna fish he can catch fish, but not only that he can get more rare items, the cook can cook that fish and BOOM you have coocked fish! )

  • New Enemies:
    Polarbear ( if you guys have implemented the seasons maybe can you guys add a polarbear to! )

  • More building options/colors!:
    Maybe you can add a grass color so you can fill up that holes in the ground.
    Purple and more!

  • Bucket:
    With the bucket what i said previously can you milk the cows, but with the bucket you can get a bucket with water to so you can make your own little pool!

  • Taming animals:
    Horses and more!

Okay so this was it for now this are my ideas for Stonehearth!
I hope you guys are interested in it!
Thanks Team Radiant if you gonna use some things! :)!
I love this games but it can have some more things!


hmmmmmm big spiders … goblin mounted spiders xD

for cats and dogs (they exist but are kickstarteritems xD)

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Hi! I hope you love the ideas!
Oh okay over that cats and dogs!
Thanks Wiese2007 for your reaction!


no prob ^^

at the moment i think over if i try to make a spider … but then i remember im very awful at modelling and have for this my Kittyodoom xD

I would certainly like something for the underground.
Perhaps if you mine wide enough or deep enough enemies will begin spawning (hence, your spiders). Or there could even be dungeons generated / if you leave areas dark enemies will spawn from the tunnels.

Maybe this is already planned with the tunnel doors, though I’ll add my two cents here.

I’m not too sure about the bucket idea though. I dislike having strict dependencies. I find StoneHearth is very approachable when one crafter can do their thing solo, even if you have to purchase other supplies from markets and traders.

None of this “oh no, my x and y can’t do their jobs at all because y hasn’t made enough tools”.

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The idea with horses sounds interesting and should give different development options, for example a additional working force for the farmer (plow) or a method of transportation for bigger amounts of resources. Pigs don’t really sound that appealing to me if they could only “harvested” for meat. I likey poyos and sheeps more which produce resources even without killing them.
The Idea of a additional water source through buckets and maybe wells (idea for wells from the Stonehearth Cafe mod) would be amazing because at the moment it’s nearly impossible to fill a castle moat with water without placing it next to a lake.

All in all interesting suggestions. Hope the devs pick a few of them :wink:

Yay you liked much of the things i hope it to! :slight_smile:

Those are some nice ideas! You will be able to assign a geomancer in the future who can fill up those holes in the ground ( I am not 100% sure how they would work exactly ), Radiant already confirmed the class! :slight_smile:

Oh okay! Thanks that you love the ideas! :slight_smile:

Well, would be a bad joke if they implemented a graphic of the class since alpha 13 only to not implement it. But I’m looking forward to the implementation of geomancer and magmasmith.

Indeed! I’ve heard of the magmasmith, but I have no idea what he can do? Do you know what he is supposed to do in the future?

Not really, maybe he is some kind of runesmith who can add additional effects to items.
Or they add mor metals which the blacksmith can’t refine.

I would love to see the horse being used for transporting resources so if you have a carpenter and a trainer, you can make the carpenter build a cart and the trainer to tame the horse, then, the devs could add a dual flag system that indicates a “transport stop” , that creates a pathfinder itself between the two and stores it so when the cart is full or half full or an user input of x item, any character can take the horse by the bride and slowly walk it from A to B without the need to be generating a new pathfinder for each trip (maybe it can auto update every x minutes and check if there’s a better route), with of course weight penalty for being full, thereby it moves faster when empty and slower when full.
What do you guys think?

Idea doesn’t sound bad, but in another thread was mentioned that Team Radiant has no intention to implement mounts. So horses could be out because people would complain if they are only implemented as workforce. But maybe mules.

Or carts on rails or some kind of path, that the hearthling puses or pulls around with the same mechanic that I previously described.