Many Gameplay Ideas!

Okay. So I’ve enjoyed playing Stonehearth so far. Personally though, I feel like there is allot of things that can or should be added or ideas that could be played around with.

  1. Building: So I enjoy building in all games. Stonehearth is no different, however it does break a few things. To start with, doors. The single person ones take up 3 blocks, the doubles 4. Please add single doors that take up only 2 blocks. Along with doors, Fencing/gates. They also take up a weird number of blocks, they cover 5 blocks, 2 of which are the poles, but this makes nice looking 4-wide roads looks horrable if you try put any form of gate over them, please make a gate that fits over a 4block wide road. On from this, slabs and walls. Firstly, allow slab placing to have windows and doors put into them etc. as for walls, allow them to be customizable in hight! This is really frustrating sometimes, especially when you’re wanting to make your own wall patterns and such. Also a delete all feature would be useful and change the current delete feature for buildings/roads into a part by part feature, allowing us to edit finished buildings easier without having to destroy the entire thing.

  2. Combat and Enemies: So some items have a health pool, can’t be passed and so on. It’s understandable that you can’t really jump down the side of a mountain and be fine, but for enemies possible give them access to some form of rope to allow them to scale up or down elevation at a slower pace to get to their targets! Also allowing archers to shoot down and up steep elevation would be a nice addition to this. Gates can be destroyed and such, but some other buildings can’t be targeted in such a way. Please allow Hostile creatures to either destroy player placed walling if there is no other way towards their destination or to use some form of rope or ladder to climb over. Archers and Clerics specificly nearly -always- run away when they are touched once by anything that hits them up close. please change it so they just continue to attack and only start running when their life is actually threatened, mostly to avoid both of the two class types to kite units all around the map and generally be annoying to bother with. I’ve gotten to the point where I just reopen the 5min prior save and hope they dont spawn is a more preferable option. Allow archers to be a first tier promotion along side footmen, and give them a 2nd tier promotion that involves siege, such as a cannon or catapult, made for destroying buildings etc, lower the dmg other units do to buildings to make this a worth while unit and the item for promotion being made from an Engineer.

  3. Farming and Mining: So this is something I sometimes get annoyed with, but not too often. Allow us more control over what farmers are doing, such as this farmer works on these 2 farm plots, this one on these 2 and so on. Also applying this effect to herbalists, specifically for herb plots. (This idea could also be useful for giving your combat units patrol routes of your own!). Mining is good, but generally I find it to be slow sometimes. Maybe adding some new tools for workers to use that a player can make/buy/loot would be an interesting and healthy addition to them. Not only for mining, but for hauling and building too. Maybe even make them their own promotion ranks to allow leveling up for skills. Having the basic current worker, with a miner, woodcutter, builder and hauler as options, giving each perks to their main job, but allowing them to do all of them still, with them prioratizing their promoted job first. Examples benig they can mine faster, better yields on ore (Or less used in construction) and such. Another one for mining (which could also come into loot for enemies) is gems, rare ones at that too, which can be used for better weapons and so on, along with decoration. more flower types, more plants in general! even if they have to be aquired through the trader coming around and offering deals or from farmers finding it during farming themselves, ones that can be used in food, medicine and so on.

  4. Buildings: Stand alone walls are nice, the very first time I thought of them as sort of city walls, though that’s not what they really are is what I thought after. So have a wall that litterally is a city wall! Even if it’s something that’s crafted by masons or blacksmiths, that would be super awesome! along with gates to go with it that can be locked to stop your hearthlings from wandering outside, the walls thick enough to have an engineers turrets mounted onto. Possibly watch towers that hearthlings can hide inside and archers to use and shoot out of with a longer range and other minor bonuses that only apply while inside the tower. Fireplaces would also be a really nice thing to add too!

  5. Animals: So there are currently like 3 penned animals and a few extra non-penned ones. To add to both, Horses would be a nice addition, with possible items to give them, such as saddles or saddlebags for transporting hearthlings or more items at once. Possible things like large spiders that are hostile and other such creatures. Possibly even small peds or kennals for the pets some people have with them or trappers get, along with a pet bowl assigned to a pet that any hearthling can fill when that pet is hungry.

  6. Classes: Without going into too much detail, a Leather Worker, that creates boots that give minor speed bonuses, bags that can help with carrying items and allow hearthlings to take food with them while they work. A Siege combat unit as said earlier, for breaking hostile buildings and such. Possible a mounted combat unit or the ability to give units mounts to use. A miner, Builder, Woodcutter and Hauler, each more capable at their main selected roll but capable of doing all of them, a sort of advanced worker with levels of their own, give the herbalist more benifit to collecting the flowers and such used for medicines to fit in with this also. Maybe a class that is like a mayor (personally I don’t like the idea of calling it a mayor) that inspires other hearthlings with-in the town/large radius to move slightly faster, be slightly happier, slight stronger and so on.

  7. Other: I’m not really sure what to put these as, but options that can show you stuff such as what is considered your territory, enemy territory and where enemies can spawn as well. A way to focus workers on specific things, such as if you wanted to collect an item an enemy just dropped asap or force the hearthlings to gather loot from killed enemies, to ignore certain types of items completely or unless theres nothing else to do. Since it could possible be a very steep change, possible have allot of the more complicated side of things split into two game modes again, a “Simple” and “Complex”, just as there is Normal and Hard.

  • This last note isn’t gameplay related, but could you please reduce the 15 character minimum for topic titles, that seems much too long for a title!

I do have more ideas, though for now I think this is a good amount to just throw out and see how people react too, any criticism is welcome and if more indepth info is wanted towards anything feel free to ask!


Welcome to the discourse @Honesty :merry:

What a great amount of great ideas! As i read through your “list” i noticed that i have read all of them before.
That is of course just a heavy reason for those ideas to be picked up by the developers at some point and some of them are already in the works.

Try and take a look around the discourse and if you look for a specific topic (example: siege engines) have a go at the search function to learn what the community already have had of ideas on the subject :merry:

Once again, welcome and i hope to read many great posts like this from you in the future.


I would like the building editor to change I find it unhandy to use. But that does not prohibit me from building nice thing:

They could not build the walls because they did not take away the ladders so I cheated them in.

Also, it would be nice if they added rivers and maybe map with a coast so you can build a fish village and a harbour.

Rivers can be seen in this Desktop Tuesday: Desktop Tuesday: Biomes! – Stonehearth
A desert river would be awesome and they should add palm trees for on the shore (Can be seen in the Desktop Tuesday from 1 September 2015 link above).

It would be cool if water was necessary to grow plants so you should build irrigation systems certainly in the desert that would make that biome so more interesting.


A Hearthling-Babylon :smiley:

Yes some of your issues are already in the To-Do-List. For rivers you can check the MOD of @BrunoSupremo River MOD

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Very nice Amon! I love the blue! Very Nice, It’s like a mix of Babylonian & Mesopotamian architecture!
You compel me to show you my city:

I too love Ziggurats, Ancient architecture is a passion of mine. I have mixed Egyptian with Babylonian in this one.

I am not replying just to give you a compliment,(which you well deserve!)
But I too have my grievances with the building editor

the most unhandy thing I find about it, is the single block too(Which I am constantly in use of)
It will let you drag blocks in any direction horizontally, but you cannot vertically. Which is a pane in the hole when you are building columns as often as I am.

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That looks amazing!!!
I also have built this tow which I’m very proud of:

Very nice city Cody_Thomas. I also love ancient architecture too such as Egyptian, Greek, Assyrian, Babylonian and Sumerian.

It such a shame that the building editor just does now allow you to build such things it would also take ages to complete it if they would be able to…

I also think that the style of the desert is very bleak and needs some more colour, the sand should be much more yellow/orange.
it should be more like this:

Brighter colours just look so much better.


I’m very aware of the function, though after having searched on some of the ideas, Siege engines being one of them. In the case of that one specificly, none of the search suggestions were the same, nearly all of them was in a different way or didn’t have a hearthling doing it.

Not only that it’s not simply a one-part suggestion, as the way I put it foward would be a promotion from an archer forward, using “Siege engine” As the basic all around term. Realistically I was thinking a Mongonel, as the look over current hearthling engineering would support that and it being an upgrade from an archer this would be the most reasonable form to use. Nearly all of the ideas in this are just baseline and would of continued with others if I hadn’t gotten tired in the middle of typing. The benifit to them only being baseline and less detailed allows both other players to add their own ideas to it and also allows the lovely people who make the game to also have fun with a more loose idea.

Although I didn’t search every single idea as that would be increadable time consuming and would realistically lead to me probable not doing anything. Not only that but not one thread covered all the ideas, thus a new thread is the most realistic and easiest way to do this.

On a last note, I’ve been here for a while now, I just never bothered to make an account until recent, as I have had nothing I wanted to say at the time. ^^

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