Various game ideas/suggestions

Stonehearth has been one of my favorite games for the past year and I’ve come to point where I thought I would put my 2 cents in for what I’d like to see in future updates. This is my first post and I’ve compiled a list of little details that would further interest me to stick with this game much longer.

Enemies -
-More enemy varieties (orcs, goblins, trolls, golems, demons, skeletons, zombies, maybe a variety of evil animals like the wolves or something more since the Rabbit (hare) race will eventually be put into the game).
-More versatile enemies that use more than a bow or sword.
-Larger scale enemy bases
-Longer enemy quests/missions

-When it comes to enemy missions I feel like 99% of the mission consists of “I’m coming to destroy you!”…“okay!”…I just feel that there really isn’t a lot of variety when it comes to how enemy conversations go. They either want you to give up stuff or they attack you, and it feels like a pretty overly rotated cycle. I feel like offering to trade with enemies would be a neat idea, to acquire only certain items that way.

Weapons/armor -
-I love the ideas with the armor and weapons, but I feel that it doesn’t take long to level a blacksmith quickly. Acquiring higher level weapons and armor isn’t something that feels challenging anymore but more of a waiting game for your blacksmith to craft those 100 copper and tin ingots. I feel like weapons and armor should have higher or more requirements for what is used to make them so that I feel like I just worked for that 2H steel sword.
-More arrow types
-Make hide/leather armor exclusive to footmen at a lower level and archers while making higher tier armor (iron mail) only available to footmen once reached maxed or close to max levels.

Races -
-I currently love the two biomes and race types. Dwarves, Rabbits (hare), are going to be incorporated later which is great, and I’d love to see maybe Elves, Goblins, or even Orcs as playable races.

Job -
-The current starter jobs are very good and I can’t say how much I love them, I would also love to see more branches of jobs off of the originals.
-i.e archers–>rangers(melee and short range) or musketeer (long range and big damage dealer as well as being very susceptible to damage)
-i.e. herbalist–>cleric–>mage or scholar (dmg dealer using a staff)
-i.e knight–>paladin(heals tiny amounts of health, can absorb more dmg, uses a hammer) or Swordsman (uses one or two swords of a specific type to the class, deals large amounts of damage, just as squishy as a footmen but deals damage 1.25-2x damage with unique attacking abilities).
Incorporate a fisherman job and a create a unique dock/fisherman hut that must be placed partially in water.

Game play -
-Allow the erase tool command to erase ANYTHING that you have built including walls that were placed using the wall option vs free standing.
-Allow the “cancel task” drag-and-drop ability to affect items that have not been placed yet, for example if I place an engineers work bench and the item is outlined on the ground but it has not been placed yet, allow me to cancel the task by using the “cancel task” option before it is placed to remove the command. I feel like this is a useless tool if I cant cancel tasks before they are preformed.
-Make Hearthlings let you know sooner when health is lower as it is usually 9 times out of 10 too late before they get your attention and you have adequate time to save them. 30-40% health would be a good time for them to let someone know their health is low.
-I wish my Hearthlings would give me little bits of advice here and there for stuff “they would like to have” to make them happier, or feel more safe, or having more food on their plate.
-Allow for me to designate an area for my Hearthling to defend. I want archers on my little guard tower, but if enemies come within the current range for defending they will run out to meet them because that range is big. I would like them to stay in the tower unless I tell them to move, and I feel like that is not an option. I would like for my archers to only attack things within their range. Another idea is to designate an area that they will not leave, i.e. I make a 7x7 square that my archers or any party of units will not leave. So if I had a wall that was 20 blocks long and 2 wide, I could designate my archers to never leave the 20x2 block area and stay on the wall , but still run all along it to stay within range of my enemies.

Building -
-Custom made roofs using the “slab” option to place individual blocks should still vanish when you use the “building vision” tool. When using this tool, if I create a roof using the “slab” option when i lower the walls and roofs to see inside buildings, all buildings that I have made a custom roof for, remain seen and obstructing my view to anything within a building.
-Allow the editing of buildings as it is building.
-When trying to place a building that is in confined space, instead of not being able to see the building to figure out its orientation, allow the building to be displayed in red when something is in its way, or green when no objects obstruct its construction, and outline the obstruction if there is one in a bright color such as yellow.

These are just a few ideas the pop into my head when I play this already amazing game, I’m super excited to see what gets released next in future alphas. Keep up the great work Radiant! :slight_smile:



Keep style door shaped wall holes not allowed with walls. Slab != walls because of vision modes.

Some variation, at least.

i really love some of your ideas!

the house editor needs a little update. the roof blocks can resolve so many problems that i actually have with the buildings xD