My Suggestions List

Stonehearth Recommendations-

Hey, my names NarcissisticNick!

So, I’ve been playing Stonehearth for quite some time now, since back in Alpha 10 (I’ve been livestreaming and recording the game extensively for a while now) And I know
It’s still in it’s alpha phase, which is why I want to help make it better as much as possible. I’ve kept up with the game for a long time and absolutely love where it’s
So, here are some things I want to reccomend to you, the devs, to maybe help make stonehearth more community friendly.

  1. Hearthling Singular Movement-
    Allow for each Hearthling to be moved separate from one another. This makes for easy commands, and better safety towards all hearthlings in the town.
    As well, it gives the player better control on what to do with said hearthling.
    Allow certain button commands or priority commands for hearthings to help prioritize looting or gathering. Say, if you wanted a building built
    before anything else, you could click 1 or a few hearthlings and then right click the building and have an option to force build. Same with looting.

  2. More Furniture- obviously there’s a large lack of furniture in the game, which is expected to be remedied in the future. Chances are you’re already in the
    act of creating furniture and items that will effect hearthling moods and ideas. Buuut it’s still worth the mention.

  3. More tree variations- Obviously adding more tree variations would be awesome. Probably something that’s already on your list, but can still be mentioned.

  4. Military patrol routes- This is a big one for me. there are mods that can accomplish it, but, I’d like to see a UI button that could create patrol points for
    your military units to patrol back and forth between.

  5. Potion quick use UI- I’ve wanted this for a long time, but a great way to handle potions would be a UI option with all the potions that would allow for easy
    access and use for potions through the use of hotkeys, or just clicking the button in the window.

  6. Another way to tackle potions- Another way you could tackle potions would be to allow another inventory slot on all military units dedicated to a certain type of potion,
    or add dedicated inventory potion slots for all units to bring potions into battle. When the battle starts, or they lock onto a target, the potions are automatically used
    and after the battle they have to head back to refill on said potions before patrolling on.

  7. Prioritized activities- Obviously a nice priority list for certain things would be pretty cool. I know this sounds like a rimworld type option, which it technically is,
    however it would be nice to able to prioritize looting over building, or the other way around.

  8. Upgrade-able shops/Upgrade-able Carpenters Market Stall- Now, the market stall as it is is actually pretty cool, I love the idea, but what would be even better is if you
    could upgrade the stall, or if the stall were to upgrade with each new age rather than just stay as it is. Maybe add more craft-able items that you could put withing a
    radius of the stall to make it’s list and items upgrade, as well as having more gold. I’ve found myself with a full inventory over and over again and that 700 gold
    isn’t anywhere near enough to get me out of being too rich with items for my own good.

  9. Bring back bigger mining selection and wood cutting selections- The removal of the large mining sections kinda messed with my ability to make massive mines and just
    keep them idle when I don’t need them. Now it takes forever to plan out a mine for my hearthlings to mine from.

I’ll be adding more and more to this list as time goes on, but for now, this is what I have. I’m sure some other people might have had the same ideas as me, but if
not I hope you all see something you like and enjoy. Either way, thank you for listening if you do, and thank you for the amazing game so far!


For #7, you can already tell your hearthling not to do something, like build, for example.

True, but I’d like a more…detailed list. Say, assign certain hearthlings to certain buildings and tasks, rather than them running around doing multiple things. I know you can stop them from doing some things, but I’d rather divide my hearthlings equally. Say, have one work on one building until it’s finished, and have another work on a separate building, but don’t have both work on both.