Class/gameplay idea

Controlling hearthling soldiers can be difficult if not akward at times. I think a seperate tab button that wpuld give you control of the soldiers more like a classical rts. I think horses should be added in the game so that calvary can be recruited. Weapons could have more diverse attributes like different defense bonuses, attack damage, slash/blunt damage, arc range for attack, speed of swing and so on so forth. It would make armies fully customizable to whatevers wanted. Also horses could be used to make classes like a trader for multiplayer. He could send goods to other players in exchange for other goods. The stockpiler could be devoted to stockpiling and you could give him something for a larger inventory so he can pick up more things before moving them to the stockpile. An upgrade could be him using a wagon for an increase in speed and inventory. You could also use him if a player wanted to make a far out settlement or forts away from their main domain. Anyways just bouncing ideas right now haha.

I love the idea of being able to trade with other players like that. Or even send raiding parties!

Here’s hoping it’s not just horses, I’d be great if there were some fantastical creatures you could tame and ride. Or even silly things, such as riding rams or pigs into battle!


Yes, anything else but horses would fit the overall tone of the game much better. Foxes and raccoons are probably too small, but maybe the shepherd can train war sheep. Of course the blacksmith could then craft armor for them. Gee, if only I could draw… :smiley:

Tom even said in a stream once they wanna use something that isn’t a horse.

at one point there was mention of reindeer/moose/deer to replace horses… just like yaks are replacing cows.

And I’m glad about that. That way, 10-year olds who are new to stonehearth won’t go “hey look it’s minecraft” or, “hey look it’s just another voxel-survival game” (which is not true)

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