New animals: Horses cows?

Maybe you guys can add horses! So that footmans and knights can ride on it and then have a horse fight or something, if you dont want that pleas add more animals or something =)! Such as this:

^ Thats my background (But this is the horse piece)

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its better to place this in the suggestion topic

Ok im gonna do that right now =)!

I doubt there will be horses, as Tom said he would rather avoid using “typical” rts animals. I’d love to see some mounted fights, it would be such a cool mechanic (like in old game Battle Realms, anyone?)

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maybe a knight riding a tamed wolf or a bear perhaps ?


Yeah i love the horse in that artwork too. Would be nice to see him in game.

Yeah thats really cool! I want to see it to!

Was thinking the other day that until horses or some other mount make it in to the game someone should mod in a stick horse (you know, the toy with a horse head on a stick) that gives the hearthling double movement speed. It could still require food to fule the boost. I’m assuming it would be a whole lot easier than to get an actual mount system working. It the model could just be attached to the root of the hearthling then the animations wouldn’t have to change. Sure, it wouldn’t look perfect all the time, but the imperfections would probably just add to the fun. You also wouldn’t have to change the pathfinding.
Something like this might have been suggested before. Don’t remember. Didn’t @SteveAdamo have a profile pic with his hearthling self on a stick horse?

Anyway, mounts would be nice yes. :slight_smile:

maybe just a common wyvern? you know nothing special shoots lazor beams out the eyes (you know its coming… darude sandstorm begins to play), breathes pixie dust (helps it fly) and farts rainbows (how it invokes fear) just a normal one really ;). on a serious note something mounted would be amazing i imagine a while off but it would be awesome to do that gives so much more to combat. oh i love this game the possibilities are endless!