Request horse mod

I made the stables for my city, but has not have horses, if anyone caught this idea and would use to create a mod so, I would be grateful!

I’m going to be “that guy” for a moment, and ask why? With how small the worlds are right now, what would be their purpose?


horses are not needed for riding,yes. but in stronghold you had horse to upgrade your knights into better faster knights and you could also use them for logistics. so yes there are reasons for there being horses

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I could see it being pretty useful in later versions of the game.

You could use them to increase your workers speeds. Could do a cart type thing that’s equivalent to a moving stockpile. And I could see them being very handy in multiplayer if you need to get to a friend’s base or something fast. Plus things like increased defense or added attack range could be added.


You must not build very wide settlements. I find myself stretching my land out from the beginning to grab as much as I can within one set of walls.

Early game with just 1-2 footmen over a wide expanse, a mounted variant would be quite welcome.

The TMC will have horses later (laater)
But yeah, i’m probably not the guy to do this (arachne is hard enough)

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[quote=“Semiavas, post:4, topic:14473”]
I could see it being pretty useful in later versions of the game.
[/quote]i somewhat agree, but currently i dont see a reason.

well horses are a planned feature (to my knowledge at least) so by the time all the things you mentioned are implemented, im sure we’ll have horses.

wouldn’t a horse mod require code from the devs or is SH open enough to add complex interactions like that?

you would need

  • the horse -ok
  • horse anims -ok can we add new classes of anims that other creatures dont already do?
  • horse ai -can we add calls for new behaviors?
  • a way to grab the harthling , model + armor + wep and create a version of it riding a horse
  • changes to damage + targeting? does SH use hitboxes idk how arrows will be handled
  • hud changes -doable

well, @RepeatPan made a train… but thats completely different…

Wait a moment a horse, blasphemy!!! We will have yaks, only Yaks!!!


SH is open enough. if you know lua you can mod nearly anything into the game

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Take a look here.

or this one:


yaks replace cows, not horses… silly little yak

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yaks replace everything, even horses just imagine it a H.A.Y. charging into battle compared to a pathetic little horse in some dainty armour trotting and snorting about

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what if i replaced your yaks with crabs? massive war crabs, with natural armor… :sunglasses:

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no customisation, boring , unoriginal, aint got horns

you could easily customize crabs, you could attach guns and cannons to their backs, you could… you could… okay i’ll just give it to you, yaks are better then my crabs… :disappointed:

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:fireworks: I TOLD YOU!!!

heres an image of me (a yak) icon from the other discourse Don’t hurt me


@8BitCrab, don’t tempt me to change your title to “Derailing Crab”, please :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On the other hand, I remember a couple animations of a horse that @Asterai did, and they were really cute. Implementing a mount is a thing, but when would the mount activate? It’d be micromanaging? If you have horses in a stable, taking care of them as the shepherd does with the sheep, when would a hearthling decide that it’s moment to mount one of them? What if the horse is farther than the enemy, it’d be wasted time? Do they get damage in combat, too?

These and other questions pop in my mind when thinking about implementing something like this. It’s not the same as implementing a job or a specific monster that is a rider by default. Because it’d probably be always on top of the mount, and wouldn’t have to think about some of the circumstances.

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i sometimes tempt myself with that… :wink:

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