New warriors/horses

I was playing my game had the idea of knights on horse back. This would add a new branch after knight. It would go footman upgrades to knight which upgrades to lancer or or just uses a long sword and shield/spear. the black smith would also have to make a lance and horse armor. The weaver would have to make a saddle. The Shepard would have to collect the horse and the cook would need to make hay which could be made by the farmer.

If anybody has any other ideas please respond.

thanks for reading

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That’s a very cool idea but I think Tom said before that mounts wouldn’t be in the game, or at least the vanilla game. My thoughts are that it would not only overcomplicate the AI but it wouldn’t offer too much of a benefit for all the work in setting it up since maps are generally contained. Traversal isn’t the biggest priority and being able to traverse quickly would make the maps feel even smaller. Using it as an boost in combat would just unbalance the combat since Knights are about limited mobility while Footman are general the most mobile class.

It is a very cool idea, nonetheless, and I’d love to see it as a mod or DLC :slight_smile: Or maybe implemented in a different way (?)

I agree maybe the way they could implement it is by adding a game mode which increases the size of the map exponentially and only allow lancers(i’ll just call the new knights that for now) in hard mode.

thanks for the responce :slight_smile:

I really want to have a varanus as a mount… i dont even care if its the goblin chieftan that rides it, i just want to see it in the game :smiley:

Maybe footman lvl 3 - Lancer

Maybe requiring a Saddle to be crafted by a Rancher.