War Machines and Cavalry

I was wondering. Will there be large siege weapons? Like catapults, ballistae and trebuchets? And will there be a possibility of cavalry, it might be hard to do, but I’d really like to see these in-game.

There is some voxel art from Radiant floating around out there that shows a wolf mount for the goblins, so it appears that it’s being considered at least.


It’s almost guaranteed that if war machines aren’t implemented into the game, they will be modded in soon after release! I for one would love to have a siege shop, with a siege engineer (a branch of the blacksmith/carpenter or something). I’d love to have walls lined with ballistae!

I think they said in the mammoth animation video that they would like to have siege machines but were not sure when they would come in, and which ones they wanted. Then again with the all the ability to make mods in this game I would not expect to see siege machines missing for very long if it was not included in the core game.

I too would also love to see mounted units. Even from a tiered system, they can start out as mounted yeomen with bows or light spears and eventually level up to full heavy Calvary, it would be really interesting to see.

I see cavalry coming in that they have that goblin wolf mount but I have to wonder how realistic they can make it without breaking the game. Getting trampled by a horse isn’t something you just stand back up from.

I figured that the addition of the engineer meant we were getting siege weapons. I really only see the engineer doing 3 things, streamlining existing processes, inventing random stuff like black powder and gliders etc, and siege weapons.

Yeah, I would also like to see different types of infantry like pike-men, mace-men etc. But maybe that’s just my TW fanatic side talking XP

I wonder if they will put in some sort of rifle-men or musketeers when you get black powder.

Meh, I’m really not excited about having black powder for anything except boobytraps and mining.

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As long as items (weapons) are separate from the character model i dont see why you couldnt have any number of weapons and or weapon combinations:

2 handed swords
Sword and shield
2 swords
pistol and rapier…combinations are nearly endless.

Between the core game and the modding community I can easily see Stonehearth providing weapons and characters from every era of human history, and future.

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ull see some cavalry but its not sure yet that ull see war machines

and about that gun powder im hoping for explosives

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Well they have promised to make some sort of city raid function (as of the 300.000 dollar mark).
It is incredibly hard to defend a city without walls and it is impossible to break a well walled town without siege weapons.
Therefore I think siege weapons are essential to the city raid function. And when adding one type of unit why don’t add more?

One thing to note however is that before they start adding features like pvp and war machines or even season (maybe not) they will work towards finishing the core of the game what ever they define that as.

I have seen it in a few places where they mention that they Even after release they intend continue working on it.

In terms of siege weapons, it would depend on how in depth the developer or modder wanted to go. For starters, your carpenter could craft ladders for scaling walls, and your siege engineer can build a catapult for breaking them down, and some form of anti-infantry weapon, such as the ballista of the small Roman variant.
Development can stop there, or they could continue on, though it gets more complicated code and design wise. But it would be possible to do things like a siege tower, with archers atop it and infantry streaming from a dropped bridge, or a trebuchet. In fact, if a coder wanted to add a bit of comic relief to a siege, he could use the gerbil-wheel variant of the trebuchet. On the inside of the wheels the two runners can get their foot caught after the launch and the return, and wind up spinning around a bit before landing with an oof, shaking their heads as they get up before starting over again. Finally, as a final tier there can be some kind of super-sieger of either titan muscle or engineered-might, in the latter case some kind of Bombard such as this, or this.
However, this is all based upon the kind of defense works that they will include in the game, which I might devote a new thread to asking about, among others.
In terms of cavalry, and considering the three civilizations they will be using, we have some differences. Nordic people were not known to have much in the way of cavalry, though it is not unheard of, so all three would have, at least for the sake of this suggestion, a “squire” cavalry. For the Northmen Alliance, they might have something like this, whereas the Ascendency, seeming to be more Western European, would have the more stereotypical Norman style cavalry. Finally, for first-tier cavalry, the Reya’s Children, being of a more Asian descendancy, might have something more like Mongolian horse archers at first, though they strike me as being more in line with real world Hindus.
After the first tier, the Northmen’s cavalry would not upgrade, though the Ascendency and the R.C. can both upgrade to tier two, the proper “knights.” So, for the Ascendency, they will have the mid-Medieval plate and mail armor mix such as this, whereas the R.C. will have a sort of elite Hindu/Persian Cavalry.
Is my post long enough?

well there could be some thing like that in the game because when you destroy a bandit camp or something like a pirate guild your going to need siege weapons

Not only bandit camps and pirate guilds, but some of those siege weapons would be quite helpful against the titans or when sieging another player’s city.

i would love to see some living siege weapons couple of trolls and other such creatures made for bashing down gates or transporting your soldiers on top of the walls of enemy cities.

i think that there should be siege wepons like catapults and balisters, i also wanna have oceans and boats (maby a boats man who can build boats and then upgrade them, like in the start he can only build boats that are like a log with a hole in it) and a game mode that adds 4-10 other cpu controlld workers that you can be alliance with or be enemys. what do you Guys think i sould add and what do you want to add??

Continents were mentioned at some point, so that implies oceans, and oceans wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t have boats. So i expect they’ll be added, I like your idea of a basic boat, then building better and better ones as you go on!

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