Siege warfare/weapons - more stuff for the engineer; also terrain repair

I think the engineer should be able to build things like rams, mobile siege towers, player aim able catapults and balista, pitch pots, sharpened wooden posts for trenches, etc. Hearthlings should also be able to repair damaged terrain w/o needing to build and building (b/c when enemies are finally able to destroy terrain like w/ catapults and tunnels we need to be able to place natural stone, dirt, and grass). These are not hugely necessary now, but I think should be considered for multiplayer and advanced enemies.


The geomancer will be able to move and fix terrain.

*should be able to - nothing is set in stone yet.

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2 puns i think 'cause STONEhearth and GEOmancer (related to stone)

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I like some of these weapon ideas. The engineer is my fav class so Iā€™d love to see its use expanded