Engineer suggestions!

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So i just managed to watch the last stream a few hours ago, and with @linda showcasing the very basics of the Engineer Class that she was working on,

So I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread regarding the ideas we as the community have for the engineer!

And i’m not soo sure if there’s a existing post on this subject, but i think it doesNmt really matter since i havent seen it in ages to say the least

Turrets are an obvious subject of suggestions in types and variety,
But i’m also talking about what ‘could’ be a capability of the engeneer in crafting regards!

I don’t think it has to be something that the game can handle at this very moment in functionality, but something that’ll Fit the title of ‘Engineer’

Here some from me for starters

1. A castle door or wall gate
A castle or wall gate(the barred kind?) that is driven using the basics of mechanics, using sturdy rope and cogs(hand driven) to open and close!(classic castle gate you’ll see from movies, and the one you see in some Witcher games)
You would order the town to open or close the gate, and a vacant Hearthling will go and use the machine(y’know, the one that you rotate a cog manually? I don’t know what that action is called) and it will open or close, it’ll thus be very secure, but will require some time to open and close as hearthlings have to go and manually open and close it (preventing the use of it as a trap, which is reasonable for a basic machine that it is)

2. A Wagon!
If anyone can make a wagon in StoneHearth, it’s the engineer
The wagon will be a portable storage-place, with sheep driving it (being part of a single model)
It’ll have a huge storage capacity, and will move as you order just like how you order combat units to move, or like furnature that moves on its own!
Linda seems to have found a way of making sertain actions of the player blockd while the object is in a sertain state(like attacking) so maybe use it on the wagon?, i dunno, i don’t know if it work in the same fashion, but it’s an idea non the less
Maybe make the wagon spawn another wagon that is carrying the original and make the wagon place itself where you ordered, as if it was furniture,
They might not seem necessary, but not havin a heathling manually carry boxes and potentially putting it on the ground just to get food or sleep seems like a good idea, and it saves a ton of time

3. Crossbow
Wait, wait, i know what you’re thinkin’ this isn’t a talisman, it’s an equipment pice,

For Hearthling workers,
Wait, no, hear me out,
Crossbows are known to be super easy to learn and easy to handel, and super slow,
At the moment, worker Hearthlings have no means of defence besides their hammers and pickaxes, this’ll be a way tof self defense of the hearthlings before the troops can come and help, being inside their leash of the defenc banner, and kiting the enemy while shooting in very long intervals, instead of just chargind to their death, it’ll be a upgrade as the game gets more difficult, but not strong enough to be a main source of damage (and it’s late game 'cause,… Engineer)

4. Bowguns
Y’know, that pretty common in games, weird small crossbow that is somehow capable or decetly rapid fire, and sometimes dual wielded?
Yeah that thing
Though, somewhat clashing with my last suggestion, we’ve seen it in some early images of stonehearth, someone wielding a set of small crossbows,
I’d imagine that being something crafted by the Engineer if anyone

And that’s about all i have in minde asides some turrets that I will save for you guys to suggest and spread

Hope to see some awesome ideas here!

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I would this would go to dwarves, more then anyone. even if to replace crossbows


Wouldn’t mind seeing a portcullis to go along with the gate one you have, as well draw bridge maybe.

Pit trap: engineer digs hole, puts spike in it and covers with some kind of camo.

mob catapult/pusher trap: Basically a catapult designed like or similar to a snare trap that will fling the enemy a short distance in a direction. A more defensive type of thing than offensive, unless you consider flinging them out of reach rude… I know the enemies might get frustrated at that, but hey they are enemies.

Maybe some decor items like display cases or something. Can’t think of anything off top of head at the moment… Chicken in a box toy perhaps; to go along with the plushy we have… I may or may not get back to this on that… toughy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, that’s the name!
I googled Portcullis and that was wghat i ment!
Still not shre what the cog-work(or rope thing) is called

I’d imagine a clock, just for cosmetic reasons


You mean, this rapid?

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similar to say the least

i’d imagine a version that is a bit smaller and a bit slower

Edit: also that bowgun is so fast it almost looks silly and ridiculous (but it gave me a chuckle, so i like it)

I like your ideas but about the crossbow… how about a ballista (big crossbow) stationary and accessible by either a selected combat Hearthling or by anyone in town defense mode! how amazing would that be oh! i cant wait for things like that to be in the game!! the wagon is ingenious though i love that idea

Thanks for the suggestions! It’s always great to hear feedback for new features we are still tuning. We’re still figuring out what features for the engineer will be a good fit for both the role and stonehearth as a whole. We’ll keep your ideas (and the community’s) in mind as we continue to flesh it out :slight_smile:

The castle gate does indeed sound awesome.


Dude… drawbridge. We already commonly dig motes to help avoid AI pathing issues (avoiding auto attacking vs. purely defensive, etc).

If we could raise and lower a drawbridge at will, we could effectively elect to engage in combat, or not, unless sappers or wall breaching is attempted, of course. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, food for thought.

Right now, I achieve this by building slab blocks in front of my exterior gates/doors, and then destroying those buildings when I want to allow pathing outside of secure areas. Not elegant, but it gets the job done.

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Still no suggestions from me as I’m just about to try the new alpha out. But I’m really looking forward to the Engineer class. Machines can do wonders for SH.