Higher level Engineer Stuff

This is mostly a suggestion post for @linda, as I know she is working on the Engineer.

Ages ago, Tom modelled a bunch of waterworks based stuff on-stream. He was water pipes, a waterwheel, etc, I would really LOSE to see this stuff get resurrected for the Engineer.

Water is in the game at the moment, but it’s pretty incidental and doesn’t actually do anything. It would be great if the Engineer made/used these to make contraptions. So you would need to channel water and build streams etc (or utilise existing ones, once someone codes streams and rivers into the game), and/or draw the water with pipes for steam. The engineer would then build gadgets using water/steam power such as catapults and moving walls and sealable doors (and even the turnip thrower, which would use the power of steam to wind up its spring for X shots as it currently does).

There’s a TON of cool stuff you could do with water/steam etc, I would love to see some of this kind of thing make its way into the game.



(Made an account just so I could talk about water haha)
I always chose a world that has water up top and then build this huge intricate water way system to transfer that water down to my village below. But that joy only lasts about a few minutes because once the water transfers its just a big empty hole up top :frowning:

I would love to be able to build some sort of pipe/pump system through the mountain to put more water up in the mountain so it will be one continuous flow/stream.

Im sure you guys already have something in mind when it comes to water (Based off the picture in the kickstarter with the river/water going through the town) but I could literally play for days just trying to figure out cool stuff to do with water. Maybe I can make a waterfall, a bath house, a pool, a hidden pirate cave inside of the mountain, or even a water park!

Please keep up the amazing work you all do!

@linda pls!


i think water was planned as a requirement for the farming stuff too and i think the geomancer will have some ability to work/create “natural” water sources (which will be needed if we actually work and consume the water)

Sorry to burst your bubble, but thing is,… Tthe game has no idea what water is and how to use it, as far as i know(and remember) water at this point is not detected by entities, they can’t interact or use it

I think… Albert? I think he or someone els was working on water(i could be wrong) so if he manages to get it up and running, we could see it, but i bet it’s complicated


well it detects it with the swimming animation, burning down your pc if you let it flow XD

but yeah atm it’s there but also not, Schrödingers water…