Level 6 Engineer Can Make Golems

Since we’re in a medieval / magical world on the brink of steampunk, and we’re already fighting Ogres, I thought it might be interesting if our Engineers could use their gears to make a similar tank. To make these a little harder, you could even make it so that a Level 6 Mason has to craft the “Heart of Stone” to give him life.

This golem could then either be used just like a fighter and have commands to be able to be issued, or be like a turret and is tethered to an area they must defend.

Be good guards at the doors of the castle too.


sounds good and it would have to be repaired by the engineer using parts so its harder to heal than a hearthling.


Very gnomoria :wink:
They should need a power source too, ie eat a log of wood or coal


this might conflict with their magic class they had planned though… from what i heard it would be able to summon golems making this irrelevant

Be interesting to be a very end game item that requires multiple classes.

Can totally confirm the Geomancer will be able to summon golems as workman and soldiers. Been stated very early on.