What about a summoner?

Well, im gonna repeat it… but… What about a summoner?

Someone who can summon spirit of the elements, or summon fantastic creatures. We can use it for attack or help in the city (imagine, you summon a water-elemental, who can help you a travel a big lake, or you can summon a magic fairy, who can help in your farms, making more productives).

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@DaRKKoNNaN I do believe that in one of the live streams Tom said that the Geomancer could do some of those actions, But I don’t know about the rest.
Maybe a Necromancer, Wateromancer, Fariysummoningthingymancer, TraveltoaLakeymancer, Farmvillemancer, MoreProductionishmancer, and a Hitybadthingswithastickymancer could do the rest!!!

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we absolutely need a summoner of sorts… we’ve discussed raising the dead a number of times, and the Geomancer having golems has been discussed as well… all worthwhile, and i cant wait to hear more officially… :smile:

To what extent will I be able to alter the terrain, if I wanted to
build a town on a tall hill will I be able to use my geomancer? -
Livestream - 1:22:19

“Yes exactly, firstly you’ll be able to alter the terrain with your
workers, they’ll be able to like dig ditches and build hills but
they’re just ordinary humans so they won’t be able to build mountains.
The idea behind the geomancer is that it’s a sort of amplifier for
your workers and their ability to change the world, ‘she’ can raise
entire pillars of earth or make sinkholes … the other thing she can do
is make earthern golems to replace/supplement your workers.

Yep, i remember the geomancer and the post from raising deads… but i mean more types (like kingmoocow say a little funny XD, traveltoalakeymancer hohohoho)

dfsgvhgjukhkg i cant wait more for see the game T_T i have 5 friends who pay for the game (and me, 6) and other 3 more waiting for buy it when the game is release.

One idea for a mancer of sorts may be a Buildmancer (seriously) who could make instant Earthen homes out of soil and rock, but also be able to increase crop quality.
Question will the Geomancer be able to make a land bridge of sorts???

@kingmoocow The geomancer can raise or lower large areas of ground so you would probably be able to make a bridge dunno.

@Dakkonnan I asked in the Q+A how many “styles” of mages might be and they aren’t revealing ones other than the current ones or haven’t decided yet. However, nothing is stopping you from making a mod with a summoner class and I think theres plenty of community that will want more magic classes and may create them for you.

@Darken_rahl do you think they my have a Hippy-Druid Class that speaks well with Nature???

Maybe I dunno. I am sure whatever magic classes they don’t have other people will be interested in modding.

I’m actually working on a summoner/ritualist in qubicle these days, didnt have much time for it just yet. Thats because i’m moving out haha But you’ll see a new thread when it comes near completion!

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Well, show us when you end it!! ^^

And dont worry, if you have others things to do before, do it, dont worry :smiley:

(jdfjghdsjggh i cant wait more for play this game D:)

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