Terrain Interaction?

Will you be able to modify terrain? Like dig it out, make hills, rivers etc. If terrain modi

Yes, yes you will!

Taken from the Q & A:


And if you’re referring to mining or going underground, I’m pretty confident the devs said that it was desired, but think it will be post-beta.


They want the underground to be as vibrant and have as much going on as the over ground, obviously with the Dwarves kickstarter goal the underground will be in at some point, but they want the above ground experience to be there first.


re: underground awesomeness:

Will there be populated underground dungeons, abandoned structures?5 -
Livestream - 30:50 ]

“All of those sound like great ideas for the dwarves, certainly not
before the release, we’re trying to focus on the core above ground
city building, crafting, defending game … there might be abandoned
structures above ground, they might be something you bump into … which
may have cool artifacts etc.”.

I just saw the post about Terrain Generation on the development blog and I was thinking it might be cool if there were Terrain options like Canyons and Cliffs or Large Rivers. I was thinking it might be awesome if you could have your city hanging along the side of a giant cliff or be largely river based with lots of saw mills and river based caravans and such. I’m curious as to whether other people were having similar ideas but I thought it would be cool.

There is already confirmed multiple Biomes and terrain, If it is not included in game, there is no doubt it’ll be possible with Geomancers or through mods

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