Can we have the ability to place dirt for farming/landscaping purposes?

I would like to be able to place dirt so that I can landscape. It would be cool to be able to build mounds and create interesting farming arrays. I’d also like to be able to place dirt on top of building so I can plant crops there. Being able to place dirt will allow for really interesting farming and city landscaping. What do you guys think?


I know this is something the team’s thought about before, and I’m pretty sure they’re going to add it eventually.

I feel like someone’s going to run in and say something about the Geomancer, so let me clear this up right now:


I don’t believe it’s confirmed that the Geomancer will terraform. I’m pretty sure I mentioned that maybe the Geomancer could do that on one of these threads, and then I started repeating it. Now I’ve seen a lot of people take “the Geomancer will place dirt” on these threads. I think the team’s even mentioned it once on stream. But I think I might have accidentally started that, so I feel kind of bad.

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If the geomancer can’t terraform, what exactly will the class do then, plant flowers like the herbalist?

i was under the impression the geomancer would terraform as well as summon golems to fight for you(maybe work for you too… i dont remember at this point its been so long since any news of it existed)

That’s the kind of thing I expected too.

  • Summon a combat unit. Perhaps pebbles to start with, magma golem at a high level.

  • Be able to terraform, perhaps instantly make tunnels or walls out of earth.

  • Have some link to resources, for example being able to summon spikes of stone out of the ground the player could then mine for reliable drops like normal stone outcrops.
    I’d honestly like to see these super-special classes be more hands on for the player, where you could specifically activate and/or target their abilities.

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