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In case you missed it, Stonehearth is going 1.0! You can find the full announcement and what it means for the game, here.

Streams! There will be one more normal Thursday stream this week at 6:00pm PST on www.twitch.tv/stonehearth, one more Desktop Tuesday next week, and a final, all-day stream celebrating all your amazing creations, on Thursday, 7/26. This stream will start at 9:00am PST, for all of you in Europe, and continue until 7:00pm PST for those of you who enjoy the usual streaming schedule. We’ll be talking about all the amazing things you’ve been building and doing, playing the game, and answering modding questions. See you there!


Really cool, me likie :heart::hatching_chick:
I can’t wait to see the desert type lanscape summunings, you guys make.

So, is there a chance getting the magma smith, too, then? :smiley:

I have no idea what pst is as a European, what’s that in gmt?

From the devs: unlikely. But the ACE team is working on it I think, I saw it coming past not too long ago


18:00 in germany. Just ask google, they convert it for you :slight_smile:

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Even better cause you guys have the same time as us Dutch guys :stuck_out_tongue: thanks neighbour!

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@max99x Are you able to customize the size and shape of the dirt and stone the Geomancer summons?

Not directly. As far as regular, non-landmark, non-vein terrain, you can place patches, which grow horizontally until they hit an obstacle or reach maximum size, or blocks, which are large and of preset size. You can then carve shapes out of that.


Oh interesting. Does that mean I can manipulate the shape that gets generated by first placing objects on the outside edges of all three axis?

so, for example, constructing a “mask”/border of an arbitrary shape using the building tool, then using a patch to fill in the border, so that the terrain placed will conform to the shape it was able to fill?

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You could do that, but it would have to be layer by layer, and probably easier to just plop down a few big blocks and mine out the extra bits.


That would work for stone, but not for grasstop.

When you place a grass block, it’s grass all the way through, which may or may not be what you want.

Huh. I suppose it works. Clunky but functional. Could place dirt. Mine it to conform. Place grass on top, remove all
But the bottom layer. Then you’ve made what appears to be a normal grass/dirt chunk. Unless the dirt block isn’t striated like normal pregen’d dirt. What I’m after is the ability to create earthen geography that blends seamlessly into its surroundings. So if what I spawn in and then manicure through mining looks obviously different, then it will be obvious what was original and what was Geomancer’d.

Unfortunately, the dirt chunk doesn’t match the striations of normal dirt, and the grass won’t perfectly match the grass colour either (it seems to be set on the main grass colour from the lowest elevation)

Based on what @malley showed of the landmark system it’s quite possible to have a “natural dirt chunk” summon stone including striations, however I believe you’d need to have variants for the lowlands, plains and foothills grass colours (although only one for each elevation, the grass colours will match that used by the relevant elevation in each biome). There’s no intelligent “use the appropriate grass colour for the level it’s placed on” option from what I can see, rather, each of the elevations’ grass colour is its own entry and even when taking advantage of masking you can only mask to a particular level (i.e. “these blocks represent grass from the lowlands elevation”)

Another limitation is that summon stones won’t match the edge blending which occurs around elevation changes, since this is handled at map generation. [side note: I wonder if it would be possible to mod it so that the game re-calculated the edge blending once the game is running, either on a trigger or on a regular basis?]

At the moment, the easiest option would be to use the dirt chunks, and remove the single top layer to use grass patches to replicate the natural look. Unfortunately this will only pass on the lowest elevation for now; if we get variants for each elevation and the dirt chunks were modified to include the striations (something for ACE to handle? @SnorrLaxZ for visibility), then it would be much easier to do convincing terraforming.

Personally, I use the chunkier landmarks such as the geyser and the rune site to hide my failed terraforming experiments. The stone chunks have proven very useful to me since the mountains are much more forgiving when it comes to matching things up; but I’m lucky that all the things I wanted to patch up were on the bottom layers of the mountain – I suspect that the colours won’t match on the higher levels. I’ve given up on trying to change the shape of the grassy cliffs, or trying to undo the addition of the “flat stones” to an otherwise pristine grassy area (I’m just going to build over the damage… thankfully it’s what I was planning to use the area for anyway, I was hoping to pretty it up first to inform the building design but after seeing the result and trying to undo it that backfired horribly hahah.)

It’s a really cool feature, it’s just a huge shame that it couldn’t get more time in the oven – it definitely feels under-baked right now. Luckily we can fix that through modding in good time; but I’m worried that for a lot of players it’s going to turn the most-requested feature into a little bit of a let-down when they realise it’s not (YET) quite the perfect, intuitive, do-exactly-what-you-want-with-terrain system we imagined.

And for the record I 100% agree that single block summon stones would have been extremely useful. The patches are actually a bit more powerful and can fulfill that function with the right know-how, but single blocks would have been very intuitive, and would be a great way to level up a rookie geomancer too.


Good to see the game finally coming along its’ final stretch.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to catch the streams due to work schedule now, but I hope it still goes well regardless and best of luck.

Yall’ have built up a lovely game, and I’ll probably have at it sooner or later. Thank you for the improvements and touch-ups to the hearth keeping the hearthlings warm through the seasons. :slight_smile:


I wonder if it’d be possible to inspect the blocks adjacent to a summoned chunk and dynamically paint the voxel pattern to match… :thinking:


There is a “mimic” functionality - which pulls the color of the voxel directly under the center of the placed landmark and applies it to any yellow voxels (#FFFF00). Unfortunately it only applies to one color - it can’t copy multiple things like the color of the dirt under the grass, or the dirt striations.

I would say the easiest way to make things like that would be to just make new cubes as .qb assets that are the exact colors you want (pulled from the terrain generation file). As long as the hex colors are exact, it will just work.

True, but yeah, the goal at this point is to get the tool out to people to mess with. For us to actually have made this a tool where you can “do-exactly-what-you-want-with-terrain system” we would have started with this mentality years ago and built tools to make it work as we wanted. No lies, this is a hack job because I wrote it (thank you very much to Max for making it much less hacky), and I wrote it because I believed it needed to be in the game : ).

We haven’t made these because we don’t want to encourage the player to manipulate terrain at the single voxel level. It delves into the ‘micro-managey’ feels that we generally try to avoid. However, you can easily make one in a mod just by making a duplicate of the dirt stones - they are set via the code below, just need to change the values.
“landmark”: {
“size”: {
“x”: 8,
“y”: 5,
“z”: 8

It is certainly possible, but its not something that I wrote originally. You could take a look at how the mimic functionality works and extrapolate off that ; ). Take a peak at landmark_component.lua and landmark_lib.lua, there is a little bit in terrain.lua as well.


Excellent. @DaniAngione @SnorrLaxZ Please add this to ACE’s core mod roadmap.