Terrain colour changes with the season and building


The new change of seasons has brought a new feature, the change of the terrain colour, particulary grass, with each season. This is causing me a problem. I usualy dig moats or raise the terrain height, and the use the green terrain colours to disguise the earthworks and make them look natural.
But with the “built grass” green does not change with the seasons. We now need to be able to “plant” grass/dirt that will change colour with the seasons. Or to be able to designate green blocks as “grass” so that their colour change too.

Have fun, Kyth.


The terrain that the geomancer summons changes with the seasons.


And will it fit my design or will it have a random shape?.
I still don’t have a Geomancer, the rabbits keep asking me things that I comply, but nothing else. I don’t know how the geomancer works, and most of my village is already finished…
The Fake grass is included in building templates. Would the geomancer help with that?

Lets see if I get the talisman once a for all.

Have fun, Kyth.


Currently the geomancer has 2 ways of placing simple non-landmark terrain. A “patch” that continues to fill up a horizontal square up to 12x12 until it hits an obstacle, and a “block” which plops down an 5-high 8x8 block which you can sculpt by mining. Easy to mod other sizes, including 1x1x1 blocks.


Another problem with the geomancer solution is that most of my earthworks I do at the begining. I’ll need to re-embark the geomancer always to have him from the begining.
Why not just let the herbalist plant grass?
And include grass in the building editor…

Have Fun, Kyth.