[r874]<3 Seasons!

I am so happy I can’t believe it. Thank you!


When I loaded up my save I knew I wouldn’t be getting all the benefits of seasons, but still, one look at the weather forecast showed me I was in the middle of winter. And it really feels like it! I’m keen to see the change into spring, but that’s 14 in-game days away yet, so winter has a real sense of being a lean time (I’ve just planted a bunch of new seeds after Vert Green showed up for the first time in literally weeks, and they’re definitely acting like it’s winter hahah.)

Can we also have the new Seasonal terrain colors added to the palette?

Here’s the link to the release notes: Beta r874 Now on Steam Unstable – Stonehearth

Did something change in release 874 with stone fences?
hearthlings refuses to build one of my shared templates for mason until i removed stone fences next to a block on the house

Templates : Mason house is the one that stopped working to build this patch

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Thoughts, @max99x?

Are they the old stone fences, or the new ones? In r870 the fences were upgraded, so if the template is from before that it would be using the old (no longer available) ones.

If it is with the new ones though, I’ve tried using the short wooden fences to connect a fence to a block wall (something which seemed possible in the ghost mode in r870, can’t be sure because I don’t think I ever placed any but I do remember testing the idea) and it no longer seems to work. As in, if I rotate the fence to “touch” the wall it won’t let me place it.


I can take a look at the fence issues. If you upload a specific template that no longer works, that’ll help.

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Looks like @Banto edited their post to add a link to the template.

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The old fences should still work, they were only deprecated, not deleted. Oh… but if you’re trying to build them from scratch… the recipe is gone, so THAT could be the problem : (.

i designed this house the build before 874 and it worked on that one but not on 874 for some reason the exact same new fences that was added recently.
so with new update 874 they cant figure our how to build it

Huh, the new fences should work. I just spoke with max, if you’ve got old fences in your template the only solution we have for you is to remove the fences and place new ones. Max will take a look at your template though and see if he can figure out what’s going on : ).

shouldn’t be any old fences in this template since i made it on the release before this one? 870 or what ever it was named :slight_smile: 3 days ago on latest unstable

if i removed the fences tho and added back the exact same it worked to build again so no idea what happen with it

i dont know why but now they build it again without problem without changing anything after restarting my game :confused:

This was made on a new world for 874 so maybe it was just some random bug

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Perhaps the fence’s location blocked pathing temporarily, but a later change (either block placement or a ladder being placed) resolved that?

I’ve noticed since r870 that sometimes single blocks will turn red and be marked inaccessible purely because the ladder to reach them hasn’t been constructed yet. I suspect it only happens when a path over blocks previously existed but was blocked off (heh) by newly-placed blocks. I never bothered reporting it as a bug because it consistently resolved itself, and honestly suspected it was caused by my system being a liiiiiiiiitle bit over-taxed to the point of lagging (in other words, I thought it was caused by the game not being able to update pathing fast enough, rather than an actual problem in pathfinding.)

The Seasons are so beautiful! I love all the new colors. Great work :grin:

I love the pink oak trees in Spring.

Would love to have the pallet accessible in the builder.

Also, I don’t know if the tech is there, but can a building with lets say, the hilltop green voxel, change to the yellow tone during autumn? That would be amazing.

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I don’t know if this had been reported somewhere else, but I got a merchant asking for wooden fences yesterday and couldn’t make them because he wanted the old ones that can’t be made anymore.


That’s why he wanted them, no one can craft them anymore and they’re collectors’ items! I hope he was at least offering a good deal.


EDIT: the info that used to be here was inaccurate, please disregard this post

Actually this happened on a fresh game and happened within the first in-game week I didn’t have any of the old fences since the save game was made after the recipe was removed. They probably just need to do another pass on making sure traders ask for things the player can get.

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