A little problem with the roof :D [frostfeast mod]

Hello everyone :blush: i’m reporting this, it’s not a big deal i think !
When you try to build a stone “snow” roof, it automaticaly switches to the wooden “snow” roof :smile:
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Use the buiilding tools
  2. build your house
    3)Try to change the roof to a stony snow roof
    Expected Results:
    Building the house with the stony snow roof
    Actual Results:
    Just switching to wooden snow roof
    It’s really not a big deal, i was thinking there was no difference after all :smiley:
    Versions and Mods:
    Frostfeast radiant mod, a13r489
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I try to use wood snow roof in editor but then it appears that stone resources are applied when building…

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oO sounds like the reverse situation for me :smiley:

:grinning:yep !..It really took a long time for me to wonder why they just won’t build the roof.

This is new :smiley: Seems like people like us can have different experience with the same stuff haha :smiley:
StoneHearth is really a magical game xD

also there is some problem with collision regions of stone_heater and chimney, but after all, shapeshifting mechanic is really delicate and they’re soooooooo cute!:grinning:

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yep, there is some graphical glitch but it’s not so bad, it’s a nice test for future chimney :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the feedback guys. The issues with the redeployment of heaters and chimneys, and the roof selection confusion has been resolved in an update which will be made available on Monday.

The design regarding roofs was intentional. i.e you select snow covered roofs, and it switches back to wood, but obviously this caused confusion… so you can now build stone roofs that are snow covered.