Frostfeast Building Bug

Summary: I was playing Frostfeast (which is awesome!) when I came across a problem. I made a building, clicked build, confirmed it, then went along my merry way. It wasn’t long before I noticed that my hearthlings weren’t making my building, so I checked on it to see what’s wrong. When I clicked on the building it was still in edit mode, so I hit build again. Again, it didn’t start building, so I saved the template, removed it, then plopped it down again. Still wouldn’t work. I saved and reloaded it. Same problem. This happened several times with several different buildings. What’s up with that? :confused:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make a building.
  2. Hit build and confirm.

Expected Results: My building is a good boy and builds.

Actual Results: My building is a five year old that didn’t get what it wanted for Frostfeast, so it throws a tantrum and refuses to build. :smiling_imp:

Version Number and Mods in use: A19r687 Frostfeast 2016

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Did the building have any heater or chimney on it, by chance?

Could you upload the template?

How do you upload a template? Sorry, I’m a noob to this sorta stuff.

Well, I did an experiment and found that you’re right @Relyss about the heater chimney thing. It was giving me an error. Now I’m just making the house first and then adding the heater and chimney and it’s working fine. Thanks :slight_smile:.