[A 24.10] [New Builder] Hearthlings can no longer figure out how to build my building

I wanted to build a house for my weaver with the same new builder template which I used for a long time.
With the release of the new update, my hearthlings no longer seem to be able to figure out how to build it, though.

And here’s the template:

48b6627e-7392-4bff-9489-f4d9175f4c41.rar (5.2 KB)
The template is in the .rar file. Not allowed to upload the .json format for some reason.

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Hi, I cannot build building anymore, in single player and multiplayer since the update 24.10.
I have played with 2 friends as well, and they can’t build either.

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Thank you very much for the template, @Cusuno! This should be fixed for the next build :slightly_smiling_face:

@Lagazzar are you using the default templates / old builder? Sorry about that, it’s reported on this other thread: Hearthlings won’t complete premade buildings

We’ve already imported some of them to the new builder, not sure if that will go out in the next build (probably yes?).


I used the default templates and custom templates as well, both cannot be build. then I tried the old construction tool and it didn’t work too.


Still have the same error than last week, I can’t build, my friends as well. Still can’t play in multi then. We will wait for another patch.
I think is this related to the floor, when I build a building, the floor is not completed, and when I build just a floor it doesn’t complete too. But we can put a 20x40 blocks without error or a huge wall.
PS : I’m on 24.10.2

And you’re using the new builder? I ask because the new builder doesn’t have a “floor” tool.

No I just put a floor with the old tool,
But the 20x40 blocks or the wall are build with the new tool.

so you mixed-tools? am i understanding this right XD?

Well when I saw hearthling can’t build a simple floor I didn’t try to create a building. I don’t know if you can mixed-tools as 1 building, I just feedback that I can’t build basic floor (with older tool since you can’t create one with the new one).

true, there is the road tool though which can be abused for it. or, and you can use the room tool, lower the walls to 1 block high and use the hole tool to cut the walls off to just make a floor with no speed boost.

I use the room tool as well to make my solid RC roofs.