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Multiplayer New Bulder.
I build a wall. When its finished i want to build a new building on this wall battlements, but that does not work. The builder does not allow me to build on existing buildings, which is extremely annoying!
Change old Buildings is not Possible. -.-

Did you have the old wall selected when you tried building a new one, or did you just build it from a “clear start” /new building.
The second one should be doable (I could even build on someone else’s wall wall in the previous version of the builder)

@Lorki here is a picture of what @Wouter_Sikkema is talking about:

i cant Place Wall on wall

i cant build on my own walls or buldings.
On spacial Places this goes but not on all.
The tool will jump around the place i will select.

Ah, you mean you can’t build a wall on a wall you have designed but not placed/built in the same building still, with no intervening floor or blocks, check, definitly a bug.

Workarounds can currently be done by raising the existing wall and paint in over it, or using the block tool place a block or something on the wall, build the wall from there, delete the block and drag the bottom of your wall down to meet the other wall, should probably work

the first building is finished and i can not make a wall on it no matter what i do!

Both pictures say 33 in the left upper corner: this means you are trying to adjust the already built building which is currenly impossible. Hit the button in @fornjotr s screenshot and try again

Edit: the left upper corner should now have a different number then your previous wall

I clickt 2 times + New Building nothing changes.

you do not see the cursor he jumps around the square next to the green block but this does not slip on the existing wall

Do you notice there isn’t a wall on your last few pictures?
Your previous wall really isn’t built yet. By hearthlings. With resources.
But it’s planned, so you can’t build your second wall on the spot of the previous wall, but the the first wall isn’t built yet, so the game won’t allow you to build the second on it.

Designed and visable in build mode does not equal built. With built I mean physically already in the world, made by hearthlings.

The left is built that is a finished building the heartlings have already celebrated

So it is impossible to build a castle in stages?
Unless you want to keep in the walls always individual slots open.
that is really bad!

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it should not be… lets call on @relyss to take over the support for this?

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With pleasure! That must go fundamentally.

So you’d like to have the whole castle being built in steps but have one template in the end? Because bulding structures in steps on top of each other is totally possible. I still don’t quite get what exactly is impossible. Though I noticed that you can’t attach blocks at the side of existing buildings.

I do not have to have a template for everything.

Hmm, ok. In the latest MP build I’m able to have Hearthlings build and finish a single wall and then build another one on top of it. I’m also able to design an single wall and put another one on top without building. What are the exact steps that don’t work for you?

This does not more work