Give a man some mod ideas

I want to start modding again, I have been away from it for far too long. hit me up with some ideas. I do have a mod currently but its a mix match of parts and pretty broken.

The mod is compatible with the current development build, at least that I know of, but none of the items go into stockpiles and there is a whole bunch of other problems with it like the collision on the large statue.
I will probably re-purpose the banners, but that’s all I plan on using only because they seemed quite popular.

Considering the builds are getting more stable and there’s more content to play with (leading to playing longer games) it’s an idea to work on festivals that correspont to in-game months?

I personally think that would work better when seasons are actually implemented, it really shows the idea of how the seasons correspond to the events and holidays. because lets face it, a sunny Christmas is not as cool as a snowy one.

I could have a look at implementing seasons though, right?


Seasons would be awesome! They could really add to the game aswell… No/limited farming in the winter and the like!

I don’t suppose you know where the terrain components are, because the terrain folder doesn’t actually include the rock or grass

'Fraid not, and I am currently on a train using my phone so I can’t help you looking right now :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll have a look though when I am home if you haven’t it by then!

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In Alpha 12, we have Biomes. All the data on the color of rocks and grass and such is in stonehearth/data/biome/. Currently only the temperate biome is enabled and it only has data for spring.

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Aha, Thank you, I found the spring data file which I can use to determine the colour palette.

Now I just have to figure out how to replace the models of the trees depending on the time of year but also still keep their relative position in the world. because I want to create different tree models for winter and autumn to really show that it is autumn. Winter is easier since everything is basically white, but in the autumn only the trees go red / orange / brown.

I would also like to be able to change water from water to frozen during the winter phase.


are you still looking for ideas. cause i have one. its called the spawnible goblin camp mod.

things to add-

  1. make that white flag that your carpender can craft to be the spawn point.

  2. then when it is placed down, a goblin will place a goblin firepit next to it.

  3. and that’s how the camp will start.

if you think it is possible. then please let me know. =)

Different biomes

  • Swamp (lots of small patch of water, muddy ground, mostly flat land with small mountains)
  • Dark wood (dark green grass, with twisted trees, and spider ennemies), like a haunted forest
  • Highlands (lots of mountains, few grass valleys, rare water, very few trees, lots of bushes)
  • Jungle (grass, some small water patches, lots of trees, mountains are small and rare but go really high)

The market idea What is the market, how do i make it?

Different tameable animals like, dogs, cats, lizards, birds?

hye @ceetheman and @the_jet_779,

seeing as @Azhrak hasnt been seen since Jan 10, and even then hasnt posted since oct 19, i dont think he will still be doing this, however there is a new thread from @tyler53 where he’s taking suggestions for a mod,

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Hey man thanks for the link :slight_smile: