Season mod 🍂


Outdated. The main game implemented it way better :slight_smile:

Everything here is just stuff from the past.

This mod will make some objects in your game behave and appear different based on one of the four seasons.
:information_source: Keep in mind that although it works in any biome, this is aimed at the Temperate. After all, it will look strange if you plant a oak in the desert and then it gets snow on it…


season_mod.smod (240.5 KB)
:warning: Place the downloaded file in your stonehearth/mods folder.


Each taking 3 in-game months (can be changed in the options, see below). The seasons are:

  • Spring: Bittermun, Deepmun, Dewmun
  • Summer: Rainmun, Growmun, Goldmun
  • Autumn: Feastmun, Warmun, Newmun
  • Winter: Azuremun, Hearthmun, Northmun

(check you calendar/clock sun at top left of your game screen to know your month)


  • Small oak tree
  • Medium oak tree
  • Large oak tree
  • Berry bush
  • Brightbell
  • Silkweed


  • Small oak tree (grows slower)
  • Berry bush (takes more time to regenerate the berries)
  • Boulders


You can speed up the seasons length, which normally would take 3 months to go from one to another, to a single month. This is done by going into your game folder, opening the file user_settings.json, localizing the section named season_mod{} and changing the value of change_season_every_month from false to true.

This is an open/collaborative mod

If anyone wants to collaborate with new objects, don’t even ask, just put your model here and I update it later. Everyone will be credit below. Don’t worry if someone already submitted something you wanted to make, objects can have multiple (random) models, so there is always space for more variations.
Github if you prefer: GitHub - BrunoSupremo/season_mod: A Stonehearth mod that add season features to objects. Now obsolete, the game does this.


Click to open
  • Autumn:
    Small Oaks: @Omegasa and @Raze
    Medium Oaks: Omegasa and Raze
    Large Oaks: Raze
    Berry bush: @Fornjotr
    Brightbell: Fornjotr
    Silkweed: Omegasa

  • Winter:
    Small Oak: Omegasa
    Berry Bushes: Raze
    Boulders: BrunoSupremo

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I’d love to. Just write here or pm me, if you need any models.


Basically I have nothing. I only tested the mod with a few models taken from the anorien biome, which has red oaks (autumn), and from frostfeast, which has snow covered trees (winter).

One thing I forgot, this is not only restricted to model swaps. It can even change behavior based on the current season. For example, a tree can drop feathers in summer, and some snow in the winter. Or flowers gives multiple herbs in spring and dye at winter


I’d love to see this. Can’t wait!

Sadly i don’t know a shit about modding. But you have my support. :wink:


Just to clarify (reading again I noticed it is not clear)

The mod is working. I tested it and it is all ok. I just don’t have the 3d models. I used some quick temporary models when testing it.

It also doesn’t need to have all seasons. For example, for the boulder, it could have just the default and winter model, maybe a spring with some moss, and skip summer.


this sounds amazing @BrunoSupremo :smile: though i am worried this might be considered a dormant feature :sweat: (thus going against the modding rules) i’ll have to page @brad to check…


I’m willing to help if need be @BrunoSupremo I’ve been playing with magicavoxel i could re-color the trees ingame.

medium_oak_tree_fall.qb (7.6 KB)
small_oak_tree_fall_2.qb (1.5 KB)
medium_oak_tree_fall_3.qb (7.6 KB)
medium_oak_tree_fall_2.qb (7.6 KB)
small_oak_tree_fall_3.qb (1.5 KB)
small_oak_tree_fall.qb (1.5 KB)

Try these fall trees out if they’re good i’ll make more for you.


I LOVE this idea! Do you still need that save file?


I have a file here in Rainmun if you want. The town is only 25 hearthlings so its not glitchy. Hope this helps. (9.6 MB)


Also I’m pretty sure you can change the starting month by going into Stoneheart > Data > Calendar

“start” : {
“second” : 0,
“minute” : 0,
“hour” : 8,
“day” : 0,
“month” : 1,
“year” : 1000


Oh, didn’t thought about that, thanks Micboy

I will wait for a response from the devs if I can continue with this mod or not. For now it has stopped.


No worries. Fingers crossed. But I guess even if they say no, then that would mean they will be implementing it later which would be awesome. Maybe if that is the case it would be sick to have a mod that would let you choose what time of year you would start the game and even have season specific crops. Idk I’m just throwing things out.


Well according to kickstarter they’re supposed to be giving us seasons.


Memememe! Ask meeee! :merry:

A random thought. Recently I’ve tried to use color maps to add some transparency to my models. I was unsuccessful so far, but! But. There were those more lucky on Discourse.
What I’m trying to say is perhaps we don’t need several models of the same tree. As far as I understand color maps can be used not only to change rendering style (transparency) but also for color swaps (like for multiple colors of the Varanus monster).
If we can swap colors “on the fly”, we can go on with just one model but trigger swaps when the season changes. It may be not very useful with snow, but yellow/red leaves are probably doable. As well as “no leaves” (set their transparency to 100% - but I don’t know if it will influence performance).


Mel, that is an excellent idea, and totally doable!
Actually, this give us even more “interpolation” between seasons. We could even have one color for each month if we try.


Yeah, for just changes in color, this would be the best approach. But with different entities we can also change other things besides the models, like the loot drops, size, hitboxes, etc…

But having both options is awesome.


While at some point in the somewhat hazy future we do want to introduce seasons – or at the least, the notion of changeable weather – that intention should not get in the way of what @BrunoSupremo wants to do – which sounds really cool. So go for it!


Uhu! :merry:

Thanks Brad. By the way, I haven’t saw you here for a long time.


I’m always here. You just can’t always see me. :jubilant:


I just tried myself on a winter version for the berry bush;

If you guys like it, I might try some more, because it was really fun finally doing some voxel stuff again :merry:

berry_bush_winter.qb (253.2 KB)


Small Oak without leaves

small_winter_oak.qb (1.5 KB)