Season mod 🍂


Some more derpy stuff :jubilant::

berry_bush_winter_harvested.qb (253.2 KB)
pear_cactus_winter.qb (253.2 KB)

€dit: Only plants and trees or decorations too?


Anything that can be affect by seasons :wink:


So, something like this too? :merry:

(I initially also made an autumn one, but it ended up looking like vegetable stew, lol)

firepit_winter.qb (288.1 KB)


personally i’d prefer it to just be items made on world gen (so just plants and such) and nothing craftable, otherwise putting decorations/furniture in a house could end up looking really odd :stuck_out_tongue:


Hm, yes, you’re quite right… but what if I want to put my trees in my indoors garden? :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with 8bitcrab, better limit it to world generation only.

Mean while, I’m testing the winter bushes

We can see that two are already with snow. After the screenshot a third one got snow too.
(Ignore the floating bushes, I used a macro to spam click and a few ended up too close and on top of another)


What about seasonal skins on some animals that will change with the climate?

Arctic Fox maybe?Arctic_Fox.qb (2.7 KB)


Uhm, I think animals would not work with the code I wrote. They could change too, but I think the game is always des/spawning them, so they would always spawn with the default skin and not have time to change.


I’ll think of something else then :jubilant:

I’m trying to figure out how all this works so this is good practice for me :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m doubling (in the winter) the regeneration time of the berry bush and doubling the amount of time the trees take to grow. What you guys think?

Also, I was going to create another post for the actual mod page, but I guess I will just edit the top post later. It is a good way to see how it evolved and the people that are helping.


Looking good, i’d say if possible the first winter month, double or triple and then for the second winter month maybe they wont grow at all until the next month when it goes back to double or triple then back to normal growing.


This post have became the mod page now. First post has it all. Thank you everyone that participated.
Note, this mod is super simple, and has very few models for now. Anyone can collaborate with new models!


If you could when you get some of the things further along, could you make a short time speed video of this?


Like a timelapse? That would be cool, but I really can’t. It would require recording for a long time, and my pc would not handle.

When a season change, it take between 1 hour to 30 days for a random tree to change. Some change on the first day, some in the end of the month… A full month in game is a lot of time to record on a weak pc like mine… :glum:


only issue i have is that the snow covered items would look weird in the desert biome.

Fall silkweed

silkweed_fall.qb (7.9 KB)
silkweed_fall_harvested.qb (7.9 KB)


Yes, the desert winter could have other changes without using snow.

I think it would not be hard to make the items behave different based on biome too. (Cause it would also look strange to have snowy oaks during the winter of biomes like desert or archipelago) So oaks planted there during the winter would not show snow on them.

I’m going to resume working on it after the weekend.


I personally felt, like the colors for the autumn trees didn’t match quite good, i.e. it feels like a to large gap between them (no offense tho, they are quite nice, it’s just personal preference).

So i thought, I might try myself on a version with the colors more matching and closer together (in the color range thingy)

small_oak_tree_autumn.qb (288.1 KB)
small_oak_tree_autumn_3.qb (288.1 KB)
small_oak_tree_autumn_2.qb (288.1 KB)


Yep a Time-lapse! (couldn’t think of that word as I wrote the OP)… :frowning:

I guess I’ll just need to wait n see for myself then :slight_smile:


This may be a dumb idea, but I was thinking maybe making the oak trees blossom like cherry trees in the spring, would really add color to spring and make it visually different from summer.
Medium_Cherry_Tree_Spring.qb (3.5 KB)
Medium_Cherry_Tree_Spring3.qb (3.6 KB)
Medium_Cherry_Tree_Spring2.qb (3.6 KB)


Hm, this would look rather weird, a oak tree turning into a cherry tree. Especially since oak trees don’t blossom like a flower or cheery tree, but rather have kind of light green thingys, so I’d rather suggest changing the color to a lighter green. This would look more fresh and as such more spring like.